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A “Buttery Smooth” 48 Hour Hiring Process for a Video Editor

Ayman Arab of Tikscale talks about his recent hiring process with HireUA.

Previously, he’s used Twitter and his social media presences to find applicants. At some points he’d get too many applicants, but as his business was scaling quickly, he hit the dreaded “dry spell” of hiring.

He had clients ready to rock and roll, but didn’t have the capability to fulfill them.

After looking at the dozens of case studies and testimonials on our website — he decided to get his next editor through a streamlined hiring process.

We turned around his urgent need in just 48 hours, giving him 7-high quality editors, of which he interviewed 4, and ultimately made a decision to move forward with one.

More of Ayman’s stuff:

Tikscale builds YouTube sales funnels and video sales letters for their clients, adding 10-30 high quality sales calls to your calendar per month (or you don’t pay). He’s worked with high-profile clients like Daniel Fazio or Client Ascension, among others.

Apply to work with Tikscale: https://www.tikscale.net/

Apply to work with HireUA: https://Hire-UA.com

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