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Freelance Software Developer: How to Source Them

Search and selection can be difficult for companies that need IT professionals, such as freelance software developer.

The high cost of IT services and the need for specialized professionals extend the hiring time and deplete companies’ resources.

Fortunately, outstaffing and freelance work are gaining popularity. Moreover, hiring professionals abroad can be cost-effective.

With the right online talent pool around the world, finding the right people becomes easier. But how do you avoid making the wrong choice and find the best specialists for your company?

We share everything below.

Tips for Hiring a Software Developer

Before we get into the hunt for software developers, let’s find out the basic things you need to know about how to distinguish talented developers for your business on your own.

Here are four tips for hiring:

Define Your Company’s Needs in Terms of Technology 

Look at modern technology stacks and understand what’s right for your project.

Assess the Software Developer Qualifications 

Before you hire remote programmers, you should also review the developer’s portfolio and testimonials to get an idea of them as a specialist.

Choose for the Future 

Prepare a list of questions that reflect your company’s culture for future interviews.

Involve Experts 

As competition for top talent is intense, be sure to include reasons why candidates should work with you.

Where to Find the Right Freelance Software Developer

The Internet offers many services for finding labor. Technology has helped automate the hiring process. It takes time to find, screen, interview, and hire candidates.

But where exactly do you look for them?

Some individuals utilize job posting sites, while others turn to professional programming platforms like GitHub or Djinni. co.

Although this approach can help identify potential candidates and gather information, it’s not as straightforward as it may seem.

By editing their resumes, social media profiles, and portfolios, professionals include the necessary skills that recruiters are often looking for. As a result, a candidate can be shortlisted even if they don’t have the right skills. 

Automation is no substitute for careful analysis and selection of candidates.

Today, one of the most effective ways to find talent is to work with an agency. 

HireUA will become your assistant in the search for qualified freelance software developer. The team uses a proven search methodology and will connect you with a talented Ukrainian candidate.

By hiring specialists, you will be able to use your financial resources wisely and organize the system of work that is needed to achieve your company’s goals.

Of course, you will have to offer good conditions to make the person interested in switching.

What to Avoid When Looking for a Software Developer

Many people tend to make several mistakes that hurt the effectiveness and potential of new hires. 

If you want to get the most out of your new hires, it’s best to avoid the following:

1. Poor Onboarding Practices

One of the most common ways to start working with a newly hired freelance software developer is to throw them into the job without explanation.

It may be the employee’s job, but many things need to be clarified during the final interview or immediately after. 

Providing proper support to newcomers is an investment that will pay off in productivity and strong morale over time.

Implementing a new environment always requires a focus on the project goals, the work done, and the challenges the team faces. It is also worth reviewing work processes, work culture, and responsibilities.

2. Unclear Expectations

Relying on assumptions and inaccuracies is risky. When you hire a software developer and don’t tell them what you expect from them, you’re playing a losing game.

You don’t want people with conflicting ideas about what tasks they should be solving and what goals they should prioritize.

You need to be as clear as possible about the details of the work. Good communication always leads to better work. Keep in mind that your new employee should complement the abilities of your team.

Therefore, talk to them to find out what they expect from the new employee and where this person can bring the most value. 

3. Misleading Job Descriptions

When it comes to expectations, it’s not uncommon for employers to say that they want a developer to do one thing, but once hired, they start doing something completely different.

Such an onboarding practice is not only unethical but also leads to high turnover in your team.

And you can be sure that such a person will not recommend the company as a good place to work.

If you already have a good candidate who is used to doing things differently, be honest with them and tell them the truth. Freelance software developers rarely want to drastically change their skills for the sake of a job. 

However, if your project is interesting enough, there’s a chance they’ll do it anyway. 

4. Don’t Get Hung Up on Money

Depending on where you are and what kind of developers you’re looking for, you’ll probably encounter a fairly wide range of salary expectations.

In such situations, you may ask yourself if someone who asks for five times more will do five times better work.

Or whether someone who asks for a lower salary than you expected will cope with the task at hand. 

First of all, you must clearly understand what return on investment you expect from this employee. Like any other employee, developers have many motivations and needs.

And the opportunities grow exponentially when you enter a remote market. 

Either way, retaining top software development talent will always go beyond money. Your work culture, team structure, project quality, and the sense of purpose your company offers will also matter.

Criteria for Choosing a Software Developer

Why is it so important? You may ask.

Many specialists offer excellent quality and modern solutions. For an agency to find what your project needs, you must develop precise criteria for selecting a developer.

Here are our 7 important points you should pay attention to:

#1: Experience in Full-Cycle Development and Business Analysis

Remember, you need someone who can lead your project through the entire development lifecycle. From creating the vision for the product to bringing it to market and post-launch support.

A reliable developer should be able to move the project forward, and you should be able to be as involved as you want to be. 

#2: Large Portfolio of Software Developer

Before you start working with a particular developer, you can see if they have experience with similar projects. You should know what types of solutions they have worked on before.

Therefore, during the process of choosing a freelance software developer, take time to study the portfolio of your potential provider.

#3: IT Recognition

You can look out for contests and awards in the IT field. Study the contests and top lists, they will help you choose the best software development firm.

#4: Freelance Software Developer Level

In the selection process, the level of the developer and the scale of their projects is of great importance. 

Mid-tier and higher tiers have more internal resources as well as more experience.

As a result, they can help to quickly expand the team in the future to cope with increasing demand.

 #5: Client Testimonials

When looking for a software development freelancer, it’s important to not only look at ratings but also find out what clients have to say about them.

Ask for thank you letters and, if necessary, contact previous or current clients to ask about their experience. Most of them will be happy to share their experiences and you will get first-hand information.

#6: Pricing Model

To make sure you don’t make a mistake, make sure you understand the scope of the project and the end goal.

The payment model you choose determines the project budget, so it should be one of the factors in choosing a software provider.

HireUA can help you with pricing for long-term projects with changing requirements.  

#7: Agile Development Practices

Agile strategies are essential for any software development professional today.

When choosing a software development freelancer, make sure they are adaptable enough to adjust as your company expands. 

This covers a wide range of issues, including the ability to scale, adopt new technologies, offer different pricing structures, knowledge adoption, and so on.

Pitfalls When Looking for a Software Developer

The best programmers are still not only hard to find but also hard to retain. 

Since there are more technical job openings than applicants, companies are forced to compete for the best candidates.

Job seekers no longer have to take the first job they see – they now have the luxury of choice. 

However, even the most qualified professionals don’t always have well-developed soft skills.

This is a common problem among IT professionals. Their work requires concentration and the ability to immerse themselves, so many candidates lack communication, negotiation, and networking skills.

You should pay more attention to these skills when looking for talent. After all, even the most competent technical professionals won’t realize their potential if they don’t fit in.

To attract and uncover the best talent, companies should organize social skills training for developers.

But what else can be done? Let’s take it further.

How to Retain Professional Freelance Software Developer After Hiring

The IT labor market is becoming increasingly competitive. For some technical positions, the unemployment rate is less than 1%.

As a team leader, you need to step up your game by making sure your recruitment efforts are effective and pay attention to employee retention.

Research shows that the main reason employees are willing to change jobs is career advancement. 

To retain employees, you need to analyze their needs. Only by knowing their motivations can you take steps to retain your best talent. 

Here are some classic tips:

freelance software developer

Be Aware of Market Salary Rates 

Freelance professionals may have a market rate. Proactively raising salaries in line with market rates is a way to show employees that you genuinely value their contribution and well-being.

Invest in Training 

Training and professional development are extremely important elements of any IT professional’s career.

This can be internal professional development, external online seminars, and even additional formal education.

Discuss Career Path of Software Developer

To keep freelance software developer from worrying about his future, you should ask him what he want in his career.

For example, whether candidate want to try something new, move to another level, or become a leader in the niche.

Democratic Leadership Style and Support for Each Team Member 

Dictatorship is not in fashion today. Therefore, a leader who is open to the team has a better chance of retaining key employees.

Work-Life Balance

Fewer and fewer people are willing to spend most of their lives at work.

This is especially unpopular among young people, so offer an acceptable format and flexible schedule. 

Pay by Results 

This approach is usually even more effective than hourly pay for work time.

Team building and corporate culture development.

In a team with close ties, people feel more comfortable and are more friendly. As a result, even in online collaboration, good relationships become a good reason to stay at your current job.

By understanding the motivation of your employees, you can offer them conditions that will keep them in your company.

Freelance Software Developers: Now You Know How to Find the Best Talent!

It is a fast-growing industry with plenty of jobs.

However, you may have difficulty attracting and retaining the best freelance software developers because many companies and recruiters are on the hunt for talent.

Regardless of the size of your business, the broad marketplace can provide you with a plethora of tech professionals at affordable prices. 

However, it’s important to know where to look for them and who to contact for help. 

HireUA is your chance to attract the most effective candidates at the best prices. The agency’s team will help you realize your goal in the shortest possible time.

Take a step towards success! 

Do not hesitate and book a call!

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