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How to Hire a Social Media Manager and Succeed

There is a common misconception among the business community that hire a social media manager is a waste of money. But to promote brands without social media manager in today’s reality is a step to nowhere. 

Whereas a competent SMM manager can create the right target audience for you, strengthen your SEO position, increase brand awareness, and turn ordinary users into potential clients.

Today, we’re going to tell you how to find and hire a cool SMM manager to promote your business on social media.

If you think you can do the job of a social media manager on your own, we recommend you think again.

Social platforms are a veritable oasis for selling products, finding new customers, and capturing a fresh target audience.

But for such work to bear tangible fruit, promotion must be handled by a true professional. The usual user level for effective promotion of brands in social networks is not enough.

You can, of course, try to promote your business on your own in this way, but in doing so you will only lose your precious time.

The only right solution, in this case, is to hire a social media promotion manager.

Let’s find out how to understand that this is a cool SMM specialist, and not just an active user of social sites who thinks they are a master of promotion.

12 Signs That It’s Time to Hire a Social Media Manager

Are you ready to start working with a new professional? There are several indications that it’s time for you to hire a social media manager.

1. You Don’t Have Time to Respond to Messages

Customer feedback plays an important role in building a company’s reputation. People don’t care how busy you are with your business – they want their attention.

If you don’t have time to respond to them, hire a trained employee to do so.

2. You Don’t Know Where Your Target Audience Is

When establishing communication with your target audience (CA), it’s important to know which social networks your customers prefer.

A social media manager can help you find the most appropriate online venues and build a cohesive community.

3. You Are Ready to Invest in Advertising

If you intend to invest in social media advertising, you should be able to customize it for your target audience and evaluate its productivity.

In this case, a qualified specialist can become a reliable assistant who will correctly manage the budget and increase the client base.

4. You’re Constantly Forgetting About Social Media

Some entrepreneurs hold promotions, sales, and special events for customers, but forget to mention them on social networks.

In this case, it is also better to hire a manager who will notify the target audience about marketing offers promptly.

5. You’re Too Busy

Running your own business often involves being busy around the clock.

In such a busy race, businessmen should not take on additional responsibilities – it is best to hire a specialist who will quietly manage social networks and report on the results.

hire a social media manager

6. Social Media Takes Up a Lot of Your Time

If you’ve decided to figure out how social media works, make sure your busyness doesn’t hurt your business.

Hiring a professional will cost extra money, but this step will save you personal time that you can spend on attracting new customers.

7. You Don’t Know Much About Digital Marketing

If you think that digital marketing is limited to developing a website, creating accounts on two social networks, and writing three blog posts, you are seriously mistaken.

By pairing up with a social media manager, you can improve your skills and subsequently become more knowledgeable on the subject.

8. You’re Not Having Fun

But you shouldn’t do social media if the job doesn’t please you. Managers are good because they not only know what they are doing, but they also get positive emotions from it.

Digital marketing is an ever-changing environment.

If your knowledge of this environment is limited to 2-3 years old information and you don’t have time to keep up with trends, then delegate these responsibilities to a manager and do what you do best.

10. Your Subscribers Are Too Passive

User engagement is a key indicator of digital marketing effectiveness. If you can’t handle this problem alone, bring in a specialist.

11. You Are Not Achieving Your Goals

Social media is not a platform for socializing. If your actions aren’t leading to real goals, you can’t do without the help of a professional.

12. You’re Not Posting Situational Content

When working with social media, a content plan plays an important role, allowing you to develop posts in advance and spread their output over several weeks in advance.

If you don’t have time for this, you’ll need an assistant.

What a Social Media Manager Must Be Like

When recruiting a social media manager, it is crucial to find an employee who can communicate with the audience in the language of your brand.

In addition, such a candidate should be able to plan their workday, be organized, and have strong intuition and improvisation skills. 

hire a social media manager

Professional Skills of a Social Media Manager

Here’s what your social media specialist should be able to do:

  • Know The Base Of Marketing

It is with marketing that social media should begin. That’s why they need to read marketing books and understand the marketing goals that will need to be maintained for a quality social media experience.

  • Plan

The specialist should be able to develop a monthly/quarterly/yearly plan, adjust it, and defend it in front of you and the team.

Naturally, they should be friendly with Excel spreadsheets and be able to customize basic formulas.

Social media manager should have analytical skills to make the plan look like a guide to action rather than a flight of creative fancy. 

  • Execute & Set Goals

Coordinate layouts for targeting, come up with scripts for the moderator, brief the photographer for the shoot, fluff the designer, and don’t forget about the current tasks.

The manager will need to simultaneously wield various tools (from Trello to Post) and constantly figure out how to optimize it all. 

  • Analyze

Making friends with Google Analytics is the holy rule of every SMM manager.

In addition, you will have to calculate what the statistics of visits were, how many people learned about the brand and a particular product, and how many mentions you got in each specific period. And that’s just the beginning. 

  • Creativity

Come up with contests, and giveaways, completely change concepts, launch activities, and always think outside the box. It takes a lot of inspiration and persistence.

  • Be On topic!

SMM, as a part of digital marketing, is changing very quickly.

A good specialist is not defined by a subscription to 180 thematic channels in Telegram but by the ability to use and apply a huge flow of information to a particular business.

The broad experience of your specialist will always help to clearly and accurately use a set of different tools to achieve communication goals.

And constant tracking of trends will help you keep up with the world. But for this position, in addition to professional qualities, it is important to dig a little deeper.

Personal Qualities of an Ideal Manager

During the interview process, it is important to understand whether you are on the same page with the candidate.

Do you want to work with them for a long and productive period? Can you trust them? Do you want to do what they say? Do they even get into the mood of your team?

If yes, then look at the following qualities, which are more of a trendy and important soft skill. 

  • Curiosity

It is important that an SMM manager likes to scour different resources and be the first to find trends or ideas. They should be able to process this information and offer you new solutions.

  • Willingness to Learn

Certificates of completed courses are a huge plus. An SMM manager should constantly want to learn new things and learn something interesting.

Their industry is changing constantly, so it’s important to keep up with it. 

  • Teamwork

This kind of manager primarily works with the brand of your business. They need to know everything, but they will have to find the answers through personal communication.

Moreover, it is this communication that should be initiated. Make sure that your candidate is willing to make contact and can find common ground with different people. 

  • Ease

No matter how complex and serious your brand is, an SMM manager should be able to deliver information in an easy and accessible way.

Try joking around in an interview and realize how easy-going and approachable the person sitting in front of you is.

  • Adapting to change

Yesterday Instagram was just developing and today TikTok is already trending.

The specialist must be able to not only track but also apply the new products to your product. Or convince you that your business doesn’t need it.

  • Initiative

When hiring an SMM specialist, you expect to get not just a good performer, but a locomotive for the department, which will constantly offer something.

Therefore, at the interview, make sure that the person can offer you ideas and is ready to defend them. 

Just to remind you that you want to work with this person for a long time and tightly. And you must want to be on the same team. Therefore, humor is always appreciated!

Benefits of Social Media Manager to Your Business

According to studies, the work of these professionals has a positive impact on social media business growth.

Here are just a few metrics that improve your business:

Inflow of Target Audience

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – all these social networks knowingly have your audience. Targeted advertising can help you find your customers, build long-term relationships, and increase your brand awareness.

Making It Easier to Work With Your Competitors 

Social media is the best way to beat your competitors and turn their customers into yours. On social media, your competitors’ subscribers are your potential customers.

Get a chance to show them your brand. First of all, if your competitors don’t have active accounts, you can utilize their passivity to become a market leader without marketing wars.

This Is a Quick Conversion Path

Social media is the place where you can grab the attention of your followers and redirect them to your website. Share tips, knowledge, and experiences.

Make useful content for your subscribers and then direct them to your website where they can learn more, read other content, and watch your videos.

Your social media manager can make the decision-making process much easier for buyers.

Quality Social Media Strengthens Your SEO Position 

When your website gets a lot of traffic from social media, search engines consider it socially relevant. Traffic from social media boosts your website’s ranking.

Increased Brand Awareness

Social Media Manager knows how to build trust in your brand and increase customer loyalty and engagement. They can improve your reputation and search engine rankings. And all this at a low cost per conversion.

Let’s make a short conclusion!

Social Media Manager accomplishes two main marketing tasks – customer acquisition and retention. It uses advertising to attract new targeted visitors to your website or social media page and creates content to keep subscribers engaged.

Screening Algorithm to Hire a Social Media Manager

When evaluating a candidate for an SMM manager vacancy, check the following points:

Availability of Portfolio

An experienced SMM manager should have a portfolio. It can be a website, a community in a social network, a link to a presentation, or something else.

Not every SMM project can be added to the portfolio as it requires the client’s permission. Don’t forget to check if the authenticity and authorship of their work can be verified.

hire a social media manager

Client Communication Style

A manager working in the SMM field should be able to have a proper dialog. This is an important part of their job.

Hire a person who builds feedback without emotional outbursts and insults. They will be responsible for interacting with your subscribers, and future customers.

You can’t let a person’s emotions hurt your brand’s reputation. They should be respectful and funny. A sense of humor is very important in this job.

Familiarize Yourself With the References 

The reputation of your brand will be in the hands of an SMM specialist. Therefore, carefully study all the details in advance, so that later you do not regret wasted time and lost money.

Regardless of the professionalism of the manager, many other factors can affect the success of resource promotion:

  1. The Quality of Your Product 

No matter how great an SMM specialist is, they will not be able to effectively attract and retain potential customers if they are not satisfied with the quality of the product or service.

  1. Having a Strategic Plan 

Without a premeditated algorithm of development, it is pointless to work. All this should be prescribed in close cooperation with the specialist.

  1. The Degree of Trust Between You & the Specialist

No one knows your company, product, or service better than you. Explain in detail how you see your brand and corporate identity, and describe your client.

Hire a Social Media Manager: Find Your Perfect Specialist!

Social media marketing can have a huge impact on your company’s brand. But to see any positive results, a company needs a skilled, experienced social media manager.

HireUA is here to help you find and select the best social media manager and get you one step closer to realizing all of your goals.

Book a call and unlock the full potential of your brand with HireUA!

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