Welcome Just Minding My Business Listeners

Since you are here, you must have heard my interview on Just Minding My Business with Ida Crawford & Ruth Haskins.

I hope you found my conversation with Ida & Ruth insightful and informative. My intention with these conversations is to help businesses drive growth through talent connection, recruitment, and acquisition. Because we understand your team is the heart of your success.

Meet Kyle Mau

Early in my career, I recognized I was seeking more than my corporate engineering career could offer, officially entering entrepreneurship at 24. Since then I have founded and led multiple businesses and successfully amassed a widely popular blog with more than 1 million readers a year.

This experience has provided me with a keen eye for talent and opportunity, a skill that has allowed me to propel HireUA to become the premier staffing and recruiting agency it is today.

HireUA specializes in connecting skilled Eastern European professionals with Western companies. Seamlessly facilitating talent acquisition for more than 300+ companies, saving them over $1 million per month.

If you are a business looking to simplify your hiring processes through our innovative approach, I invite you to take advantage of the free resources I have listed below. Please take them as my free gift to you. If I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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