In-depth interviews with HireUA clients about their experience with our process, the money and time they've saved, and how much they love working with their Ukrainian hire.

Brief video clips of clients sharing their experience working with the HireUA team.

Lots of our clients and people have random kind words to say about us. Here are a few highlights!

Meet some of the candidates we've placed! Brief video clips of candidates sharing their experience of how they've integrated into their new job and what they do.

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Meet Alex.

Positions Hired:

  • Client Success Manager πŸ‘”
  • Senior Wordpress Developer πŸ’»
  • Senior Media Buyer πŸ’°

The founder of Monarch Wave Marketing and MakeReadyArmz, Alex speaks about hiring 2 people via HireUA β€” a Client Success Manager and a Senior WordPress Developer. He has even made a trip to Ukraine to meet some of his team and estimates he's saving between $160,000-$200,000 per year.

(And that was only on the first 2 positions!)

Since this interview, Alex has come back and even made a third hire for a Senior Media Buyer!

Meet Chase.

Position Hired:

  • Social Media Manager πŸ‘©

Chase Dimond is one of the most well-known names in email marketing today, with his expertise spanning across several company and roles.

He came to us looking for a Social Media Manager, and we placed this person within just 4 days. Just a few weeks after that, he bought out her contract.

Meet David.

Positions Hired:

  • Inbox Manager πŸ“©
  • Developer πŸ’»

The founder of Axon Growth, Surgical Sales, and Maility, David Jacob speaks about the 2 hires in his businesses placed via HireUA.

His first hire was a Developer for his cold email software company, and his second hire was for an Inbox Manager at his Lead Gen agency. David shares how he's saving approximately 65% on the Developer hire and 50% on the Inbox Manager hire, as well as the ease of working with the HireUA team.

Meet Steven.

Position Hired: Video Editor (x2) πŸŽ₯

The founder of Video Sales Expert, Steven Trister produces high-quality video sales letters designed to wildly increase your booked call conversion rate.

He was stuck in the weeds, doing editing himself, and working with unreliable freelancers. He came to us and we placed a Video Editor in a matter of days β€” saving him a cool $50,000 per year in the process.

PS: Steven produced the video on our homepage, be sure to check it out!

PSS: Since this interview, he's come back for a second Video Editor β€” he's now saving $100,000/year.

Meet Dakota.

Position Hired: Virtual Assistant πŸ§‘β€πŸ’Ό

In this case study, Dakota Robertson talks about how great experience with HireUA. Dakota is the founder of Growth Ghosts and has over 500,000 followers on social media. He needed someone to handle messages, requests, and help with a variety of other administrative tasks.

πŸ₯” Ultimately, he's thrilled he didn't hire a "potato" β€” you'll have to watch the video to see what he means :)

Meet Brad.

Position Hired: Project Manager πŸ—‚οΈ

Brad Smith brought on Mira to be the Project Manager at his company, Bramar Strategic Services. Bramar aims to help their clients automate workflows, processes, and improve operations from a technology standpoint.

Brad talks about how Mira has become an integral part of the Bramar team, showing a work ethic he wishes the rest of his team had.

Meet Marcos.

Position Hired: Executive Assistant πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’Ό

Marcos Ruiz is the founder of The Birdhouse, a company that helps clients build and scale education businesses on Twitter.

He hired Sofia as a part-time basic Virtual Assistant, but she quickly graduated to become a full-fledged Executive Assistant. She assists him with all aspects of his business and personal life and has become an integral part of his team.

Meet Andre.

Position Hired: Inbox Manager πŸ“©

Andre Haykal Jr. is the co-founder of the Cold Email Lead Generation agency KnowledgeX, as well as the exclusive coaching program, Client Ascension.

Andre had been searching long and hard to find a high-level inbox manager to manage all of his client's inboxes at KnowledgeX. This had proved to be a difficult process until he engaged HireUA.

His new Inbox Manager did so well that he ended up paying her a 50% bonus in just her first month for booked calls that she set up. How's that for a start!

Meet Jordan.

Position Hired: Virtual Assistant πŸ§‘β€πŸ’Ό

Jordan Nelson is the founder of Simple Salesforce, an agency that empowers businesses to unlock growth by automating their Salesforce setup.

He was desperate to get a few hours of his week back, as he was splitting time between both his Salesforce business and a consulting offer.

He's happy to report that by hiring Natalia on just a part-time basis, he was able to get 15 hours+ a week of time back!

Meet Anthony.

Position Hired: Graphic Designer 🎨

The founder of Transparent Digital, Anthony was having a tough time finding a high-quality Graphic Designer at a reasonable price in the United States.

He estimates he's saving $50,000/year by having a Graphic Designer from Ukraine as opposed to hiring in the USA. Anthony was able to scale his email agency significantly by being able to reinvest those funds back into the business as opposed to paying a premium for local talent.

Meet Joseph.

Position Hired: List Builder πŸ“

Joseph was stuck doing some of the most mundane tasks that a business owner should ever do...list building.

Lots of manual work, lots of Excel/Google Sheets, and other tasks that were both monotonous and time-consuming. With his candidate on staff, he's able to focus on more important things in his business, saving a whopping 25 hours per week.

Meet Connor.

Position Hired: Hubspot Specialist πŸ–₯️

Connor Skelly is the founder of Fission Agency, an agency that specializes in optimizing Hubspot for various companies.

Connor had struggled to find the right level and price of talent in his own network, and came to HireUA to solve this problem. He estimates he's saving nearly $50/hour versus hiring Hubspot contractors in the USA. Not bad!


Brief video clips of clients sharing their experience working with the HireUA team.


"HireUA placed an outreach assistant who has been vital in the growth of our company since her onboarding. She was the perfect fit for what we are doing in the e-commerce space. I highly recommend HireUA for any and all of your hiring needs."

- Ryan, Naked Nutrition

"Working with HireUA has been a game changer for my business. They always get me exactly who I need and always send over highly qualified candidates. Hired a project manager from them and she literally runs 100% of the day to day of my biz. She hires fires builds processes and can do literally anything I ask. This frees up my time to focus on scaling. Since hiring her we have grown 100% per month for each of the last 4 months. Can’t recommend them enough."

- RVS Media

"We turned to HireUA to assist us in hiring our first VA. As new business owners, we were navigating the hiring process for the first time, and HireUA made the entire process seamless. Within just a few days, we had the opportunity to interview a handful of exceptional candidates, ultimately finding a perfect fit for our team. From start to finish, HireUA simplified the process, allowing us to save a significant amount of time. We are grateful for their expertise and efficiency in assisting us with this crucial step in our business journey."

- Origin Bath

"Natalia is a very quick learner. She has the ability to self-teach when needed and was an immediate fit within our workflow. She helped us out tremendously through her contribution to our team. One of the most noticeable attributes about her professionally is how quickly she is at finding areas in systems that could be tuned up to become more efficient. She brings great value to any workplace."

- Malia Smith, Conscious Marketer


Lots of our clients and people have random kind words to say about us. Here are a few highlights!


Meet some of the candidates we've placed! Brief video clips of candidates sharing their experience of how they've integrated into their new job and what they do.

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