Why Hiring In America Is Impossible

In this video we’re going to be breaking down why it’s so hard to hire in America in 2024. And honestly, do you even want to hire an American?

Are you TIRED of half your candidates not even showing up to their job interviews? Tired of being promised the sun, moon, and the stars from recruiting agencies who then show you 1 candidate in 3 months?

And, in the case of remote positions, are you tired of people showing up in an unprofessional setting, taking a job interview while they’re driving in their car?

Here’s what’s covered in this video:

How We Got Here

2020 was a crazy year. COVID-19 happened and the world shut down, resulting in lots of people losing their job and then beginning to collect unemployment.

Believe it or not, the effects of this are STILL being felt.

The government in America started giving people unemployment if they lost their jobs. Which was fair enough in that situation….but some people are STILL collecting it.

That’s right, all they have to do to get their unemployment money is to “apply” to jobs.

They book interviews with business owners like yourself and then don’t show up. They tell the government that they applied to a job with “proof” of the interview. And then they don’t show up to the interview, wasting your precious time and energy. And then they get their check.

The Power of Geoarbitrage

We break down the average salaries in Eastern Europe and show what kind of life that generally provides.

Plus we’ll talk about how EE’s younger generations grew up in prosperous times post-Communism.

Tools & Resources

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► Time Audit Matrix: https://hire-ua.com/time-audit-matrix/
► Hiring Masterclass: https://hire-ua.com/client-ascension

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