We save 300+ businesses over $1 million dollars per month. And we do it in less than a week.



Saving Over $200,000/Year

Positions Hired:

  • Client Success Manager 👔
  • Senior Wordpress Developer 💻
  • Senior Media Buyer 💰

The founder of Monarch Wave Marketing and MakeReadyArmz, Alex speaks about hiring 2 people via HireUA — a Client Success Manager and a Senior WordPress Developer.

He estimates he's saving between $160,000-$200,000 per year.

Chase Dimond Hired In 4 Days

Position Hired:

  • Social Media Manager 👩

Chase Dimond is one of the most well-known names in email marketing today, with his expertise spanning across several company and roles.

We find and placed Olga in his business in 4 days — a couple weeks after that, he bought out her contract.

We'll find you the talent you need. In 5 days.

No matter what you need done, we'll find you who you need. Click the yellow button to become our next success story.

Daniel Fazio

Owner of the Cold Email Wizard brand & Client Ascension

"I've been using HireUA for 2 years, and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made."

Richard Chen

Founder of ProductGym.io

"We were so happy with the people that they booked for our interviews - originally we were going to hire only one person for this position.

We ended up hiring two people."

Nick Abraham

Founder & CEO of LeadBird, Inboxy & Quicklines

"These are the best candidates I've ever interviewed. The best candidate I've ever hired."

Modern Hiring Issues When Hiring Locally


Simply Too Expensive

The reality is, the world has been a little bit whacky for the past few years. This has led to inflated, bloated salaries for employees. These new rates don't mean more productivity, just another hole in your wallet.


Mediocre Ability & Work Ethic

On top of the bloated salaries, it's becoming increasingly difficult to weed out the people who just want to coast through life and collect a paycheck versus somebody who "gets it" and wants to work.


Plan, Create, & Execute

Through an agile approach, we’ll create a roadmap to completion, create and execute. This is where your product will really come to life.


Hiring Overseas Is Hard

If you go and post a job on one of the more traditional overseas job boards, you'll be swamped by hundreds of resumes. You'll have to narrow it down to a dozen interviews, and just hope that you pick the right person. Not ideal


Time - Your Most Valuable Asset

Business owners are firefighters. You have to put out one fire, then the next, and it never ends. It's hard enough to free up the time to build systems to prevent the fires, much less finding the time to find the right people to actually execute those systems. No longer!

Nick Palasz

Founder & CEO of SlyLeadz

"I'm absolutely stoked to have used HireUA...3 of them knocked it out of the park and I would have been more than happy to hire any of those 3."

Oliver Cantin

50,000+ Twitter followers and growth partner to numerous creators

"Nothing has compared to the experience of hiring a vetted virtual assistant from HireUA."

Jake Nomada

Author of the Nomada Substack

"Super simple. So much easier than trying to hire off of UpWork."

The People We'll Place In Your Business Will Be


Advanced English Speakers

We screen each candidate individually to ensure they write and speak English at a high enough level to function and thrive within your business environment.


College Educated

The majority of our candidates hold at minimum a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field, and many of them hold advanced degrees as well.


Experienced in a Variety of Sectors

Consulting, eCommerce, agency businesses, software, and more. No matter what position you need filled, or what field you're in, we're confident we can find someone through our Premier Placement Process.


Available to Work YOUR Hours

You tell us what hours you need your employee to work and we'll find someone willing to do it.


Hard Working & Reliable

Eastern European culture is based off of hard work, dedication, and loyalty. Many of our workers have been with their companies for extended periods of time. During the recent Ukraine conflict, one was even given refugee in Ireland by an employer. We believe this speaks volumes to the type of work ethic and relations that our clients develop with their employees.



You won't be expected to foot the bill for a new laptop or a high-speed internet connection. Whoever you hire will be ready to go out of the gate! All you'll need to do is set them up with your own internal systems.


Hard Working & Reliable

You do not need to integrate them onto payroll. We handle all the foreign transactions, exchange rates, and more. We handle it all. You can use your credit card. And yes, that means you can earn points and rack up plenty of free flights and hotel nights.


Noah Revoy

Online Coach

"Within a couple of days they had a few people for me to interview. In half a day I found the person that I needed.

Matt Santos

Digital Marketer

"It saved me so much time. I've hired off Fiverr and UpWork in the past and it's hit or miss. I've wasted a ton of money on this platforms. I definitely recommend you talk to HIreUA."

Brady Badour

Founder of Creator Clique

"I saved $30,000 this year by going with an editor hire with them. We signed the paperwork and within 1 week they had a bunch of people on interviews with us."




We'll discuss the unique needs in your business and see if Hire UA is a fit. If yes...



We'll have 3 to 5 quality candidates for you within 1 week of beginning.



Just tell us when you're available and we'll handle the rest.



Post-hire, we handle all payments (foreign transactions, fees, etc.) We just invoice you monthly and take care of the rest.



  • Live chat support
  • Customer support (email, chat, CRM, or phone)
  • Executive & personal assistants 
  • Graphic design (Photoshop/Illustrator/Canva/etc.)
  • Website design & management
  • Project Management (liaison between video editors, copywriters, campaign managers, media buyers, and CEOs)
  • Audio & podcast editing and production
  • Video & YouTube editing, management, production and monetization
  • Cryptocurrency & financial customer support
  • Media buying (Facebook, Google/YouTube, Bing, etc.)
  • Legal document review and general executive assistants to lawyers
  • Programming and development across a variety of stacks & languages

Anthony Price


"They found me someone very qualified with great English, with great communication, and who was ready to work, and work hard.

Max Alexander

Owner of eCom Marketing Agency Skyro Digital

"I was stuck doing a ton of client work. Set up with 4 interviews, there were all solid. Could have realistically hired any of them. She saved me 50% over domestic talent, she's super smart, has saved me a ton of time."


Dubai-Based Finance Expert

"Really satisfied with Yana, she's smart, she's super proactive, she understands very quickly what we tell her.

Only good things to say about her and I would highly suggest anyone who wants to hire quality talent at a low price to work with HireUA."

The HireUA Team

Sofia Vorobei

Senior Client

Success Manager

Valentina Tavaniuk

Operations Manager

Kristina Pashkovska


Daria Moroz

Client Success Manager

Greg Dennis

Sales Associate

Anastasia Marinich

Blog & SEO Writer

Maria Bobzhenko

YouTube Presenter/

Head of Video

Tom Beaton

Script Writer

Anastasia Khomovska

YouTube Presenter

Lenka Jovanovic

Video Editor

Alona Taranova

Lead Generation

Viktoria Vakaliuk

YouTube Presenter

Yulia Yermakova


Dominika Sibilska Personal Assistant to CEO & SMM

Yana Aleksii

Executive Assistant to CEO

Kyle Mau

Founder & CEO


Founder at Findymail.com

"I saved something around $20,000 a year by choosing HireUA over finding similar talents in the USA."

Brook Hiddink

Founder of

High Ticket eCom Incubator

& Audacia Home

"Everyone that they have given us has been amazing. They've blown my expectations out of the water in terms of how capable, how confident, and how independent they were on the job."

David Sinclair-Black

Managing Director of the UK Agency Sinclair Media Group

"Very friendly, very responsive, very professional, set the right boundaries, and gave me ideas of when to expect something to happen.

Overall it's been a very, very positive experience."



Andre Haykal Jr. Paid a 50% Bonus — in Month 1

Andre Haykal Jr. of KnowledgeX and Client Ascension shares how he hired a superstar from Ukraine. She did so well he ended up paying her a 50% bonus in just her first month on the job.

Unable to find an Inbox Manager at the right price for quite a long time — he finally did so with our help.

Logan Fitz Saved 66% Hiring a Video Editor

Logan came to HireUA looking for a talented video editor to handle high amounts of volume for his personal brand and clients.

The result?

He's saving thousands of dollars versus hiring somebody in the USA, and has a much better situation than the "churn and burn" situation that he often faced with Filipino editors.

Dakota Robertson Saves 20+ Hours a Week

Dakota Robertson talks about how great experience with HireUA. Dakota is the founder of Growth Ghosts and has over 500,000 followers on social media. He needed someone to handle messages, requests, and help with a variety of other administrative tasks.

Ultimately, he's thrilled he didn't hire a "potato" — you'll have to watch the video to see what he means :)

How Steven Trister Saved $100k/Year on Video Editors

Video editing is one of those extremely time-intensive tasks that you just cannot do if you truly want to grow your business.

HireUA client Steven Trister talks about how he's saved approximately $50,000 per year on video editing talent versus hiring in the UK or the USA.

Steven came back after this was filmed for a second editor, taking his savings to $100,000/year.

How David Jacob Cloned Himself

Renowned closer and sales coach David Jacob talks about how he was able to hire a "mini-me" — someone able to step into an Inbox Manager role and perform briliantly.

He also talks about hiring a developer for his software company.

How Nicholas Verge Saved $4,000/Month

Having previously worked with some of the most well-known celebrities of the current age (Alex Jones, Jordan Belfort, Caitlyn Jenner and many more), Nick's journey has been unconventional and filled with several significant pivots along the way.

Nicholas talks about the trials and tribulations which eventually led him to HireUA, where he has since enjoyed a fantastic mutually-beneficial arrangement with one of our elite video editors.

Penang Media Hires A Superstar Video Editor & Executive Assistant, Saves 50%

Eddie Cheng, founder of Penang Media, talks about his experience of hiring a superstar video editor that's helped take his business to the next level.

Since this case study was filmed, Eddie has come back and hired an elite Executive Assistant as well!

How Brad Saved $50,000 For His IT Company

Brad, who runs an IT services company, talks about hiring Miroslava — who as he put it:

"Outworks everybody, including me!"

e-Commerce Email Marketing Agency Hired 2 A Players

Zach of ZHS Ecom shares his story of filling 2 essential vacancies with us, and in the process, freeing up much-needed time for him to focus on higher ROI tasks involved with growing the business.

Klaviyo Email Agency Owner Took Back 45 Hours/Month

John Prince of Real Way Marketing took back 45 hours a month of his time by hiring a premium designer from Ukraine.

John previously built + exited his own brand and now works on the agency side of things.

He was particular with the way designs needed to be done and had struggled to find the right talent to be able to offload this time-intensive yet critical task.

He finally was able to do so by engaging HireUA.

How Sonya Transformed Marcos Ruiz's Business

Marcos Ruiz transformed his business with his virtual assistant who quickly graduated to become a high-level executive assistant.

Marcos is the founder of The Birdhouse, a company that helps business owners build and scale world-class education businesses on Twitter.

In this case study he shares what Sonya has meant to The Birdhouse.

HireUA vs. Upwork

Philip O'Flynn of AdPunch chats about his experience hiring a video editor from Ukraine versus hiring on Upwork.

Long story short: He's not going back to Upwork anytime soon!

Fractional CFO Increases Revenue + Takes Back His Time

Alex Tenorio (CPA, Founder of Staxx) and discuss his journey en route to landing the perfect candidate for his Inbox Manager vacancy.

Having previously struggled to find a suitable candidate on his own, and with precious time (and potential revenue) melting away, Alex made the decision to get in touch with us at HireUA and allow us to do what we do best.

Hiring From The Philippines vs. Ukraine

Tom Heidemen, President of Epiphany Marketing, talks about his recent experience hiring from Ukraine. Tom had previous been frustrated with his experience working with outsourcing agencies in Southeast Asia and so turned to HireUA to solve his problem.

How Magicianly Found Their Candidate In 48 Hours

Emiel Dingemans of Magicianly, an ecommerce email marketing agency, talks about how they got the resume for their new superstar within 48 hours.

To quote him:

"I would definitely recommend any agency to work with you guys [HireUA]."

"Buttery Smooth" 48 Hour Hiring Process for Ayman Arab

Ayman's business was scaling quickly, he hit the dreaded "dry spell" of hiring.

He had clients ready to rock and roll, but didn't have the capability to fulfill them. After looking at the dozens of case studies and testimonials on our website — he decided to get his next editor through a streamlined hiring process.

We turned around his urgent need in just 48 hours, giving him 7-high quality editors, of which he interviewed 4, and ultimately made a decision to move forward with one.

Executive Assistant Transformed SEO Agency Owner's Business

Noah runs an SEO agency that focuses on helping DTC and eCommerce brands outrank their competitors. He was looking for help with a variety of projects that were more or less being left on the table due to his workload.

He's been able to take back days of time by hiring Iryna, an executive assistant from Ukraine.

How Thought Leadr Hired The PERFECT Account Manager

Thought Leadr is a DFY LinkedIn content agency.

When they brought Olena on, they were able to remove themselves from much of the day-to-day of managing content, revisions from clients, and all the other time-intensive operations that will stunt business growth if the founders are still involved.

Since this video was recorded, they've executed a full buyout of Olena and her contract — and we're wishing them all the success in the world in the future!

How Max Hired The Person Everybody Wants

In this case study, Max of Skyro Digital talks his amazing hire — Anastasia. HireUA Founder/CEO Kyle Mau talks about how he gets requests from people every month wanting someone just like her.

Max says she's an easy "10/10" and has been instrumental to the growth of his business in the year+ that she's been at Skyro.

Scaling a Salesforce Business

Jordan Nelson talks about how he's saving 15 hours a week with a virtual assistant from Ukraine for his Salesforce business.

Hubspot Agency Owner Saved $50/HOUR

Connor Skelly, owner of Fission Agency, talks about how hiring a HubSpot Specialist from HireUA allowed him to put $50/hour in his pocket and also get a significant amount of time back in his business.

$50,000 Per Year Savings for a Graphic Designer

Anthony talks about he saved $50k/year by hiring a graphic designer from us.

Hiring a graphic designer is significantly more expensive in the United States, and Anthony was able to scale his email agency significantly by being able to reinvest those funds back into the business as opposed to a bloating salary.

Cold Email Agency Owner Saves 25 Hours a Week

Joseph, who runs a cold email agency, talks about his fantastic experience using HireUA to hire a virtual assistant and save himself 25 hours a week.

With his candidate on staff, he's able to focus on more important things in his business and has been able to outsource much of the mundane tasks that previously hogged his bandwidth.