Katerina Diachyk

Senior Recruiter

Katerina "Katya" was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine, and now lives in Switzerland. She has a Bachelor's degree in Law and has now worked in the recruitment field for several years.

She realized she enjoys helping business owners and managers find the best employees in a variety of fields.

She went back to school and obtained a Master's in Human Resource Faculties, and has been successfully working in the recruiting industry for several years.

Sofia Vorobei

Senior Client Success Manager

Sofia is originally from Rivne, Ukraine - and currently lives in the Netherlands. Sofia has had a great passion for learning languages since her childhood, and holds a Master's in Arts. She speaks 4 languages and is struggling to learn Dutch 😉

Sofia is fond of the recruiting process and bringing people together - helping clients with their issues, arranging, scheduling meetings, and digging into your business needs.

Valentina Tavaniuk

Operations Manager

Valentina was born in Poltava region but moved to Kyiv when she was a student. She studied at the Agrarian University where she received a Master's Degree in Philology & Translation.

Valentina has a friendly approach to clients and a high level of attention to detail to deliver the best candidates to our clients.

She also has experience in working in the creative fields, is not afraid of new challenges, and is ready to be the best help possible to our clients. Valentina will help you to deal with any issues that arise during work at all stages of our recruiting process.

Iryna Fennych

Administrative Assistant

Iryna, lives in Lviv, Ukraine. With a background in foreign languages from the University of Foreign Languages in Drohobych, she found her niche in the IT industry, working as an Admin/Virtual assistant for six years.

She is a team player, who works well with individuals at all levels. Her role at HireUA varies on a day-by-day basis, taking on whatever projects and tasks are needed to drive the company forward!

Beyond her professional role, Iryna is a passionate dancer with over seven years of experience and a dedicated practitioner of meditation.

Greg Dennis

Sales Executive

Greg was born and raised in New York City and now lives in Delaware. After earning a degree in Speech Communication from Temple University, Greg committed himself as a Sales and Marketing Professional.

At HireUA, Greg focuses on client relations, business development and account management. He believes in a personalized and consultative approach with an emphasis on human connection and building long-term relationships.

Outside of his professional commitments, Greg loves to hit the basketball court and relax at the beach.

Kristina Pashkovska

Technical Recruiter

Kristina was born and grew up in the small town of Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine. She entered the Faculty of Law, received a Bachelor's degree and has now successfully completing her Master's degree.

Kris now lives in the Netherlands and has been working as a Recruiter for several years. She has been looking for the best talent from Ukraine for employment in a variety of different American and European companies and sectors.

She is young and motivated, always focused on the result of her work — she always does her best to find the best candidates for you and your business!

Daria Moroz

Client Success Manager

Daria was born and raised in Kharkiv, a city in eastern Ukraine, but has been based in Barcelona for 5 years. While living and studying in Spain, she received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Tourism Management and had the opportunity to network with people from all over the world.

Her passion for connecting with people shines through as she assists clients, coordinates meetings, and addresses your business needs. Daria’s background enriches her understanding of specific and wide-ranging client requirements. Count on her to guide you through a seamless and successful recruiting process.

Maryna Kudrevych
Social Media Manager

Originally from a small city in Ukraine called Zhytomyr, Maryna now lives in Poland. With a knack for languages, she’s mastered 4 and is tackling 1 more.

After earning her Digital Accounting degree from university in Kyiv, she unexpectedly ventured into the creative realm as a Social Media Manager. Now, with over over 3.5 years in Social Media Marketing, she’s raring to grow and aid HireUA in growing exponentially.

Beyond work, she’s an avid sports enthusiast, enjoys making new connections, and loves to travel.

Anastasia Marinich

Content Writer

Anastasia was born in Odesa and realized at an early age that her work should be creative & enjoyable.

While studying marketing in her hometown, she moved to Germany and continued her education at 2 universities at the same time.As the saying goes "Choose a job to your heart's content and you won't have to work a day of your life!"

Anastasia obtained a degree in Art and has a knack for it. She takes the same approach to writing. Each text is like a picture with a special message and mood. Everyone will find something useful for themselves!

Today Anastasia lives and works in Germany. She travels a lot, practices Ashtanga yoga, learns new things, and continues her creative journey with the HireUA team!

Alina Zabrodska


Alina was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and still lives there during the war. She graduated from the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute where she received a Master's Degree in Philology & Translation.

During her university studies, she realized that she was interested in design. She worked at Instagram for a while, and fields and began her career as a designer. She specializes in in logos, guidelines, illustrations, printed materials and thumbnails. At HireUA she is responsible for YouTube and other social media designs, and various other small projects and illustrations as needed.

Victoria Hobanova

Business Manager

Bio coming soon!

Yana Aleksii

Executive Assistant to Founder

Yana hails from Rivne, Ukraine, but moved to another city due to her family's military service. She's a passionate traveler and language enthusiast. Her academic journey led her to Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University, where she earned a Master's degree in International Relations, complementing her Bachelor's degree in Applied Linguistics.

She's had diverse experiences teaching English and German, assisting German hearing care professionals, and teaching ESL in China. She has also contributed her skills to German (and some other EU countries) projects, providing support and assisting in the management of various projects. She's TESOL certified, an effective communicator, and a team player.

As an Executive Assistant, she is eager to bring her determination, positivity, and open-mindedness to the HireUA team, helping navigate the world of international recruitment with grace and efficiency.

Kyle Mau


Kyle was born and raised in California. He left his corporate job as an engineer to move to Eastern Europe at 24 years old and settled in Kyiv, Ukraine. In his entrepreneurial career, Kyle has run a blog with over 10 million readers, co-founded an olive oil company from Croatia (Selo Olive), and now — HireUA.

Being able to connect hard-working & skilled Ukrainians with Western companies has been one of the most satisfying things he has ever done.

While Kyle focuses primarily on business growth and strategy, he believes actions speak loudest. He has full trust in his team to run the day-to-day at HireUA. It is the perfect example to illustrate what a Ukrainian employee can do for your business.