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B2B Lead Gen: How To Outsource Getting Leads

Sales are the lifeblood of any company, and even if things are going well at the moment, you can never afford to get too comfortable.

What if, at some point, the word-of-mouth referrals slow down, and new customer acquisition becomes a challenge?

It’s essential to always be on the lookout for alternative sources of B2B lead gen.

Sure, your company should have been proactive, actively testing new niches and channels along the way. But what if that hasn’t been the case? What then?

If you’re considering outsourcing, there are costly pitfalls to avoid. However, when done right, the benefits can be substantial, promising a significant return on investment.

We’ve put together a complete guide to outsourcing client engagement, from assessing your current situation to optimizing your bottom line.

Introduction of Lead Generation

A lead is a person who has demonstrated their interest in your company in some way (left an application on your website, asked a question in a chat room, replied to your message), but has not yet become a customer.

The term is commonly used for both product companies and outsourcing.

Lead generation is the process of collecting and guiding a potential customer through the sales funnel: From someone with a need who doesn’t know about you at all, to a customer.

But how can you put the puzzle of lead generation in your company together as efficiently as possible?

When to start and why is it so important for your business?

Strange as it may seem, you don’t have to start by working with potential customers.

Why B2B Lead Generation Is Important

For business growth and success, everyone aims to drive more leads. However, B2B sales cycles are typically lengthier and more intricate compared to B2C counterparts.

Converting a B2B lead into a customer often demands greater effort, making a consistent flow of high-quality leads essential.

Lead generation also presents the opportunity to establish rapport with potential customers before any purchase decision.

Through nurturing prospects with valuable content and personalized interactions, you can earn the trust of your target audience.

This differentiation is key in standing out within a competitive landscape and positioning your business as a reliable partner. Furthermore, B2B lead gen enables you to pinpoint the most promising prospects for your business.

Leveraging data and analytics, you can monitor the behavior of potential customers and identify those with the highest likelihood of conversion.

This strategic focus of resources and efforts on leads with optimal potential boosts your chances of success.

b2b lead gen

Different Ways of Lead Generation

The success of your business depends on attracting qualified customers from various sources. There are several strategies that you can apply to generate leads through outsourcing. 

Here are some of them that you can pay attention to:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media 
  • High-value content
  • Paid advertising (Google ads, Facebook ads, TikTok ads)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Webinars/webcasts
  • Referrals
  • Affiliate Program
  • SMS
  • Direct mailing

Advantages of Outsourcing Lead Generation

Lead generation outsourcing has garnered a reputation among companies aiming to optimize resources and prioritize core skills.

Whether you’re a small or medium-sized business or an established enterprise, agencies can inject fresh perspectives into a range of environments.

Here are at least 7 reasons why outsourcing is a smart move:

1. Cost-Efficiency

Working with an outsourcing provider enables a company to efficiently eliminate the expenses tied to maintaining an in-house team.

Furthermore, it allows for the elimination of costs associated with office space, equipment, and employee benefits.

This strategic move enables you to better allocate your resources and invest funds in other critical areas of the business.

2. Waiver of Hiring and Training Fees

Outsourcing lead generation removes the necessity of recruiting and training new staff, which can be both time-consuming and costly.

Instead, you can leverage the expertise of professionals who are already well-versed in lead-generation techniques and strategies. This not only saves valuable time and money but also ensures exceptional lead-generation results.

3. Access to Specialized Information

Outsourcing providers possess deep knowledge of the field, stay abreast of industry specifics, employ advanced equipment, and implement effective techniques.

Harnessing this expertise will enhance the quality of your leads and boost conversion rates, thereby fostering the growth of your entire business.

4. Ability to Adjust the Scale

Outsourcing lead generation empowers you to scale your efforts based on your requirements.

During periods of growth or when there’s a demand for more leads, outsourcing companies can swiftly ramp up resources and adjust strategies accordingly.

Conversely, when priorities shift towards other areas, scaling down becomes seamless. This agility helps prevent resource wastage and ensures optimal efficiency.

5. Flexibility to Adapt to Business Needs

Businesses are inherently dynamic. Be it shifts in target audience, alterations in advertising strategies, or expansions into new markets, outsourcing companies possess the agility to swiftly adapt their methods.

This flexibility guarantees that efforts to reach potential customers remain aligned with your company’s objectives and responsive to market dynamics.

6. Access to a Larger Pool of Expertise

Accessing experts who specialize in various lead attraction methods, diverse business verticals, and distinct target markets becomes feasible through outsourcing.

This access to a broader pool of specialists empowers you to harness specialized expertise and cutting-edge methods, thereby enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in B2B lead gen.

b2b lead gen

7. Focusing the Company on Strategic Objectives

Sales representatives dedicate a considerable portion of their weekly schedule to crafting emails, yet 40% of them identify prospecting as the most challenging aspect of their role.

Consequently, the typical sales rep devotes only a third of their day to actual sales activities.

Outsourcing lead generation liberates precious time and resources for core business operations.

This newfound focus can be directed towards enhancing internal processes, expanding into new markets, and nurturing customer relationships—key drivers for the long-term growth of the company.

By tapping into the expertise of outsourcing partners, you bolster your lead generation endeavors, foster sustainable growth, and allocate more time and resources to capitalize on other crucial business opportunities.

Important Steps in Outsourcing B2B Lead Generation

So, here’s what goes into it:

#1: Determine Your Audience and Profile of Your Ideal Customer

Taking the time to deeply understand the traits, demographics, and behavioral patterns of your target customers is crucial.

You must have a comprehensive understanding of the profile of the ideal customer you aim to attract to your business.

This thorough understanding gives your lead generation service a significant edge. It enables them to profile your customer base and deliver qualified leads primed to become paying customers.

While nobody knows your business and customers better than you do, seasoned lead generation professionals recognize the significance of ideal customer profiles.

They can leverage the insights you provide to pinpoint your customers within the consumer landscape.

This targeted approach ensures that your efforts are directed towards those most likely to engage and convert, optimizing your lead generation strategy.

#2: Define Your Lead Generation Goals and Metrics

Identifying and qualifying leads demands expertise and experience.

Outsourcing lead generation makes financial sense, provided you’re ready to define your goals and set realistic expectations:

  • What improvements do you seek from a lead generation service?
  • Is it about boosting the volume of qualified leads or enhancing conversion rates?
  • Are you prioritizing a reduction in the cost per generated lead or a surge in overall revenue?

Establishing your objectives from the outset and outlining your expectations from a lead generation service ensures that your outsourcing team comprehensively grasps your aims.

It also provides them with clear, measurable targets to pursue. This clarity paves the way for a focused and results-oriented partnership, maximizing the effectiveness of your lead-generation efforts.

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#3: Research and Select the Right Outsourcing Partner for You

Conducting meticulous research and choosing the appropriate outsourcing partner are pivotal steps in this process.

Choosing the right partner involves assessing their track record, expertise, and capabilities in lead generation. It’s essential to look for a partner with a proven history of success in generating leads for businesses similar to yours.

Additionally, consider their approach to lead qualification, their understanding of your target market, and their ability to align with your brand values.

At HireUA, our experts are poised to assist you in selecting an outsourcing partner who comprehends your industry and possesses relevant experience tailored to your business needs.

#4: Clearly Define Expectations and Outcomes

By setting clear expectations and deliverables from the outset, you create a roadmap for success and provide your outsourcing partner with the necessary guidance to tailor their strategies and efforts to meet your business needs effectively.

#5: Establish Reporting Mechanisms and Feedback Loops

Regularly evaluating performance and providing constructive feedback is essential for the success of your outsourced customer engagement activities.

This ongoing review process helps ensure that your outsourcing partner remains aligned with your goals and continuously improves their performance.

Schedule regular performance reviews to assess the effectiveness of the lead generation efforts. During these reviews, analyze the results, review the progress towards the defined goals, and identify areas of improvement.

All these steps will play a crucial role in the overall success of your outsourced customer engagement efforts.

Challenges in B2B Lead Gen Outsourcing

Some of the challenges you may face when outsourcing B2B lead gen include:

Quality Control

An outsourced lead generation service provider may not fully understand your business, target audience, and unique selling proposition.

Therefore, the leads they generate may not be of the highest quality.


Your lead generation service provider needs to understand your business to attract the right customers.

Only hiring a trusted outsourcing partner can help prevent language barriers or other difficulties.

Data Security

Transferring sensitive business information to a third-party vendor can jeopardize data security and privacy. To avoid this, make sure the outsourcing provider has robust security protocols in place.


Integrating an outsourced lead generation process with a company’s sales and marketing strategies can be challenging, and achieving the desired results can take some time.

Overall, outsourcing lead generation can be effective if done correctly and carefully considering these potential issues.

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When to Outsource B2B Lead Gen

Should you outsource lead generation or is it better to keep it in-house?

Outsourcing to a lead generation specialist can be extremely beneficial to your business, especially in the following cases:

  • Lack of resources hinders your ability to onboard and train new hires or develop in-house marketing teams
  • Your current customer acquisition strategies are falling short of yielding the desired results
  • Seeking to expand your outreach beyond existing marketing channels
  • Looking to bolster business growth and provide additional support to your sales team
  • Interested in or requiring a focus on appointment setting, be it through cold calling or email prospecting
  • Considering the launch of a new product or service
  • Needing to pivot the direction of your business

Outsourcing lead generation is ideal for the last two cases, as it can provide a quick go-to-market strategy that can take much longer for in-house specialists.

Before you choose an outsourcing provider, make sure you choose a pro who understands your needs, has a track record of delivering real results, and acts as a partner.

B2B Lead Generation: Summary of the Main Elements

Outsourcing lead generation isn’t a walk in the park—it demands thorough research, time, and effort.

However, when selecting professionals who align with your unique goals and business needs, lead generation outsourcing can become a strategic move.

Overall, the advantages of outsourcing B2B lead gen include cost efficiency, scalability, access to specialized expertise, and enhanced productivity.

This empowers companies to adapt to evolving demands, optimize resources, and foster growth.

Approaching outsourcing requires meticulous planning. Clearly outline your objectives, choose the right outsourcing partner, establish reliable communication channels, and continually identify and refine efficiencies.

With careful decision-making alongside HireUA, you ensure successful outcomes and leverage outsourcing’s potential to attract customers.

Don’t hesitate and book a call with our team!

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