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Hire An Operations Manager | The Ultimate Guide

Businesses in all industries, from small startups to corporations, are constantly striving to streamline their operations, optimize processes, and provide exceptional customer service. Usually when things are off the ground and running, and then some bottlenecks have been hit, companies look to hire an operations manager to take the next step forward.

When do you need to hire an operations manager?

Your mileage may vary, as this is an important decision for any organization as it plays a significant role in the smooth running of the business.

To hire an operations manager, you must first determine the requirements of the position, create a job description, and present a viable offer to potential candidates.

Here are some tips to help you get to know the position better and find a great operations manager for your company.

Briefly About Operations Management

It is worth starting with the fact that it is a discipline related to the supervision and control of various activities in an organization. It ensures the efficiency of production processes, optimal utilization of resources, and ultimately the achievement of objectives. In addition, operations management involves planning, organizing, and controlling the entire production process. 

At the heart of operations management is the effective management of resources such as materials, labor, and technology.

This enables organizations to meet customer demands as well as improve productivity and profitability.

The Role an Operations Manager Plays

The Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business. Their job — make sure the company will run smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. 

One of the main responsibilities of an operations manager is managing employees. They are responsible for creating and maintaining a positive workplace culture. They also oversee the hiring and training of staff.

In addition to managing employees, operations managers are also responsible for process optimization. They analyze existing processes to identify areas for improvement and develop plans to increase efficiency and productivity.  

By performing these tasks effectively, operations managers help organizations achieve their goals, reduce costs, and increase customer/client satisfaction.

hiring an operations manager

Benefits of Hiring an Operations Manager

A remote operations manager manages team projects.

Hiring an operations manager is not only beneficial for you – they are an asset to your entire organization. 

Here are the main benefits of operations managers:

Effective Utilization Of Resources

With the help of an experienced manager, a company will be able to utilize its resources efficiently and achieve the best results.

You’ll avoid wasting time, money, and energy.

As a result, the business will run more efficiently.

Hiring an Operations Manager = A High-Performing Team

A proactive operations manager brings people together and sets clear goals.

And when you add to that training and guidance, the result you are left with is a high-performing team.

When a team has autonomy, skill, and purpose, they will feel more confident. 

Professional Risk Management

Having robust systems in place allows you to be better prepared to deal with problems and manage risk. An operations manager will help your business be more resilient to any changes.

Quality Teamwork

A good operations manager understands that productivity doesn’t necessarily mean doing everything at once. It means getting a few critical things done right from start to finish.

Hiring an operations manager with a good understanding of systems and processes ensures that the right things get done right. 

What’s the bottom line?

Your team can focus on the tasks that move the needle – improving the quality of work, enhancing services, and creating more valuable products that customers and teams can be proud of.

Clear and Structured Leadership 

An operations manager can provide you with the context you need to create a thoughtful and executable strategy. You’re now more likely to get buy-in and focused action not only from management but also from employees and customers.

An Opportunity to Outperform the Competition

What happens when you utilize resources, have less waste, and have a highly skilled team that does incredible work every day? You get satisfied customers who trust your service and are happy to come back for more.

By hiring an operations manager, you save yourself the trouble of wasted resources, unmet needs and expectations, poor productivity, and unpleasant customer experiences that help you stand out from the competition.

Taking Back Your Time

Hiring an operations manager ultimately means you’ll have someone to handle your day-to-day tasks and long-term goals. Instead of running around trying to get your day-to-day operations in order, you’ll be able to focus on growing your business. Bonus: you’ll even be able to take a couple of weeks off without worrying about your current activities.

What to Look For When Hiring an Operations Manager

As a leader, the ideal Operations Manager should have experience leading teams and implementing change management in an organization. 

They should also be:


This is an important quality for an operations manager, as their job require the essential ability to effectively manage employees. A business thrives when its people are working at 100%, driving efficiency and progress.  

Problem Solvers And Critical Thinkers

Since an operations manager has a bird’s eye view of your operations, they should be able to find solutions to a variety of problems. They know how to capitalize on opportunities and develop strategies that can positively impact your business.


Possessing operational management skills that include flexibility and adaptability is essential. In a dynamic work environment, operations managers are required to think quickly and act decisively to respond effectively to changing demands. The ability to remain flexible and receptive to different circumstances that may arise in a professional environment.

Effective Communicators

You’ll need an operations manager who can listen and articulate their thoughts. This will be a critical skill as they implement procedures and coordinates with many stakeholders.


Whether it’s a daily task or a long-term goal, an operations manager is focused on meaningful results. They must know how to identify key performance indicators (KPIs), set realistic goals, create accurate forecasts, and measure results.

Hiring an Operations Manager = Outsourcing Decision-Making

Great operations managers know how to prioritize, find the right talent, develop processes, and delegate tasks. Look for someone who makes informed decisions in the best interest of your business.

Masters of Technical Fields

Digitization of production, records, and software to access project details, track budgets, and design processes, is imperative to achieving success in operations management. In today’s fast-paced business world, the ability to navigate and utilize a diverse set of technology features is a key component of your skill set as an operations manager.

Passionate About Continuous Improvement

The ideal operations manager values continuous growth and improvement for themselves, their team, and the business. They should proactively look for ways to make your business better.

An Excellent Time Manager

In addition to operational, financial, organizational, and human resources management skills, you’ll need someone who knows how to manage their time well. 

An experienced professional should hold the key to successfully meeting planning deadlines, closely monitoring key production milestones, and ensuring that the team completes projects on time. In addition, the operations manager is involved in planning and must keep in mind the hours and duration of various tasks.

Knowledge of Operational Tools

When you need to hire an operations manager, they should know how to use tools like Google Suite and Zoom.

They should also be familiar with financial, operational, and project management applications, such as Monday, Airtable, Asana, etc.

What’s Slowing Down the Search for an Operations Manager

Several factors make it difficult to find an operations manager.

1. The Absence Of A Prescribed Task Or Job Description For The Position 

This leads to unqualified applicants getting into the funnel, and a lot of time is spent on communication with them. Also, unclear objectives in the position discourage strong applicants.

2. Lack Of Expertise In Selecting An Operations Manager

When the company lacks competencies to assess employees, they often start looking not for a real existing employee, but for a fabulous specialist.

3. Non-Market Conditions Of Recruitment And Lack Of Motivation System

You can be a wonderful company with a wonderful vacancy, but if you pay below-par wages, you will not be able to pick up smart people with experience for this vacancy. 

Non-market conditions respond either to employees without experience, without the necessary skills, or with a bad reputation. There are exceptions, but they are extremely rare and only happen when you recruit a lot of people for the position and do it regularly.

To solve the above problems will help:

  • Detailed description of the task and the employee’s functionality at the first stage of the project. On their basis, the questionnaire questions and test tasks are compiled to weed out weak candidates
  • Experience in the selection of an operations manager. Your active participation in the selection and interview process will also help
  • Each project should have up-to-date information on the cost of an employee for the Operations Manager position

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Where To Look For An Operations Manager 

Looking to hire an operations manager on job search portals?

If you are looking for an operations manager on specialized job search portals, you are sure that you have come to the fact that everyone has the same type of resumes and it is not clear how to select among them. At the same time, you probably had a situation when a strong applicant had an empty resume, and, on the contrary, when a seemingly weak applicant had an amazing resume.

To understand how suitable a candidate is, it helps to make a call, and personal communication. But this process is extremely long, and tedious, and will require a lot of work on your part to call and organize personal meetings.

You can look for an operations manager on all available resources – yes, but why waste time?

HireUA will help you expand your funnel of applicants and you’ll multiply your chances of closing the job faster.

How To Find A Good Operations Manager

To find a good operations manager, it’s not enough to just post a resume and wait. It takes preparation and follow-up work:

  • Properly designed pre-screening questions to filter out unsuitable applicants. HireUA prepares such questions in advance
  • A good interview plan and checklist
  • Test tasks for additional screening to check for compliance with the company’s requirements and the ability to perform the required functionality
  • Analyze the labor market to offer applicants market income, not overpaying, but also not trying to pick up on non-market conditions
  • Call and messenger suitable applicants extensively and actively, so that you don’t have to get lucky and close a position from an incoming response
  • Fine-tuned mechanics to quickly interact with suitable applicants so that we don’t lose the strongest of the suitable ones  

Chances are, it’s not right to spend your precious time on all the above work – so contacting our staffing agency will be the best way out. You can get a lot of benefits not only for your current hiring, but for your business in general. We’re here to help!

During the preparatory work, you will understand the business process of the position (if you haven’t already), learn how to draft job descriptions and instructions (this helps to close the position faster and easier) and earn more money as a result. After all, a company’s working time is of immense value.


An operations manager has many responsibilities, but ultimately their main role is to help you run your business as efficiently and smoothly as possible. This is the person to call when you are overwhelmed with high-level tasks and growth challenges.

By implementing the principles of operations management, organizations can achieve operational excellence and sustainable success. Therefore, if you want to expand your knowledge of operations management, look out for such an expert.

Ready to hire such a manager? Talk to the HireUA team all about your ideal operations manager today, and we’ll find the best one for you.

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