what does a virtual assistant do

What Does A Virtual Assistant Do? Here’s 130 Things!

Do you need a virtual assistant to manage your daily tasks? You might be asking, “What does a Virtual Assistant do?”, or what can a Virtual Assistant do. In this article we’ll be giving you all the answers — including 130 things you could easily delegate to a VA.

Virtual Assistants are becoming increasingly popular, and there’s a good chance they’ll soon become commonplace in human capital management and recruiting. If you haven’t yet considered how a virtual assistant can improve your business, this article is for you. 

As an entrepreneur, you have numerous options for the services an assistant can provide. It might be a bit overwhelming to think about how much personal time you’ll save, especially in the beginning.

Curious about the tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant? Wondering what’s popular among clients?

To provide clarity, we’ve compiled a list of common tasks your assistant can handle. Discover the right solutions for you! Enjoy reading and get inspired to achieve great things!

A Virtual Assistant As Your Right Hand 

If your to-do lists are growing longer, and you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to consider delegating tasks. A virtual assistant (VA), also known as a VPA (virtual personal assistant), can help you reclaim more time.

Whether you need to delegate tasks for a few hours a day, a week, or a month, a virtual assistant offers flexibility that a full-time employee might not. By outsourcing tasks, you can concentrate on your core responsibilities and foster business growth. Investing in a qualified assistant proves beneficial, allowing you to expand and clear mental space for new projects. Additionally, virtual assistants are true professionals in their field.

But what tasks can you delegate to them? One way to identify them is by creating a list of all the tasks you perform daily.

what does a virtual assistant do

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do? Here’s 130 Ideas…

Here are 130 tasks that a virtual assistant can perform for you, divided into the following areas:

  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Customer service
  3. E-commerce
  4. Events
  5. General office tasks
  6. Marketing
  7. Press relations
  8. Podcasts
  9. Personal tasks
  10. Social media
  11. Website

Pay particular attention to tasks you dislike. They not only consume time but also energy that could be better invested in tasks you enjoy and excel at.

An assistant can help with various business-related tasks and also support you with personal responsibilities such as travel planning and meeting organization.

Let’s delve into each category to explore the tasks they encompass:

1. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is seldom directly managed by entrepreneurs but remains essential. Many tasks in this domain can be outsourced to a virtual assistant.

For example:

  • Creating and sending invoices
  • Creating and executing bank transfers
  • Checking and evaluating team time records
  • Accounting of expenses
  • Checking incoming payments
  • Preparing of tax returns
  • Checking incoming invoices
  • Requesting receipts, including donation receipts
  • Downloading bank statements
  • Requesting missing receipts

Of course, outsourcing such tasks requires a lot of trust. Confidentiality agreements and long-term cooperation with the tax service are useful here.

2. Customer Service

Once a service or product is provided, attending to your customers becomes essential. Direct customer service can easily occupy several hours daily. Responding promptly to inquiries is crucial for maintaining a positive image and ensuring customer satisfaction.

A proficient virtual assistant will have numerous options and tools to streamline tasks in this area, making your workload more manageable.

For example:

  • Sorting emails by priority and redirecting them to the appropriate departments
  • Creating frequently asked questions
  • Sending access data/download links
  • Answering questions about products and services
  • Providing technical support for customers
  • Sorting and processing newsletters responses
  • Handling cancellations
  • Responding to cooperation requests
  • Handling complaints
  • Sending meeting confirmation emails

3. E-Commerce

Selling products online is a well-established practice, but new trends and markets continually emerge. Amazon FBA, dropshipping, and niche sites continue to be prominent trends in this domain. 

Numerous virtual assistants specialize in these niches and can assist with specific tasks:

  • Conducting product research
  • Communicating with manufacturers
  • Requesting samples
  • Ordering products
  • Creating product descriptions
  • Search for niche products
  • Optimizing product pages
  • SEO optimization of descriptions and websites
  • Creating infographics
  • Booking and shipping orders
  • Handling customer complaints and returns
  • Forwarding orders to delivery service providers
  • Monitoring warehouse stock levels 
  • Commenting on reviews
  • Email marketing campaigns

4. Events

Even if your virtual assistant can’t physically attend the event, there are numerous tasks related to the preparation and follow-up of events, whether it’s a training, coaching session, exhibition, conference, seminar, or webinar.

These tasks can be managed irrespective of the venue:

  • Sending out invitations
  • Maintaining lists of participants
  • Sending registration confirmations/tickets
  • Responding to guest questions
  • Searching for and booking venues/catering
  • Sending invoices to participants
  • Creating of documents for preparation
  • Ordering materials for the event (badges, roller blinds, etc.)
  • Promoting the event on social media
  • Creating a program/schedule
  • Hotel booking
  • Sending post-event information to participants
  • Editing and uploading the event recording to the website

5. General Office Tasks

There are many areas, especially in the realm of classic office/secretarial tasks, that a virtual assistant can ideally take over.

Since many of these tasks are recurring, they can be assigned to a virtual assistant on an ongoing basis:

  • Conducting research of various kinds
  • Updating customer data
  • Creating a customer database
  • Data entry of all kinds
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Calendar management
  • Calls and Meetings
  • Digital filing of documents
  • Dropbox and Google Drive setup and maintenance
  • Create Excel spreadsheets
  • Create presentations
  • Create and edit PDFs
  • Writing job postings and screening candidates
  • Proofreading documents
  • Creation of documents for meetings
  • Translations
  • Termination of contracts (telephone, insurance, subscriptions)
  • Creation of work plans
  • Coordinating the work of freelancers
  • Preparation of business plans

6. Marketing

Especially in the field of online marketing, many virtual assistants are real experts in these fields.  

Tasks such as creating blog posts, newsletters, or articles on a regular basis can be confidently outsourced:

  • Setting up tools and mailing lists
  • Setting up autoresponders and automation
  • Managing subscriber lists
  • Writing and sending newsletters
  • Creating and monitoring social media ads
  • Producing articles and blog posts
  • Searching for suitable blogs/sites for guest articles
  • Developing Adwords advertising campaigns
  • Designing online courses
  • Formatting eBooks
  • Creating and evaluating surveys

7. Press Relations

Securing coverage in magazines or newspapers, consistent engagement with the press is crucial. Social media influencers play a significant role in marketing as well. A virtual assistant can effectively establish and maintain contacts with journalists and influencers.

Additionally, a VA can:

  • Research and maintain a press mailing list
  • Establish contact with journalists and influencers
  • Create press releases about new products or company news
  • Send out press releases and post them on web portals
  • Respond to press inquiries
  • Make appointments for interviews
  • Send photos for the press
  • Create reviews for the press
  • Plan press events/press conferences
  • Send products to journalists and influencers
what does a virtual assistant do podcast

8. Podcasts

The global podcast market is still in a state of development. It is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, and it is unlikely that any company will do without this important marketing tool. 

However, numerous tasks need attention both before and after publication, aside from the recording process:

  • Editing audio recordings
  • Add an introduction
  • Transcribe the interview
  • Writing out the most important takeaways
  • Publishing the podcast on platforms like iTunes 
  • Create a blog post
  • Create and share social media posts for the current episode
  • Commenting and requesting reviews
  • Arranging meetings with interview partners

Many virtual assistants have already recognized this trend and provide comprehensive packages covering all aspects of podcast creation and publishing.

9. Personal Tasks

A virtual personal assistant can also alleviate stress and provide you with more time to focus on crucial aspects of your personal life. 

Therefore, you can delegate the following tasks:

  • Booking travel arrangements
  • Searching for and ordering gifts
  • Calendar updates
  • Reminders of important events (anniversaries, birthdays)
  • Send birthday greetings and gifts
  • Update dating profiles and make appointments
  • Search for specialists you need
  • Make appointments with craftsmen, service providers, doctors, etc.
  • Purchase concert tickets
  • Check insurance policies

Trust in an assistant is, of course, especially crucial in the private sphere. Regular phone calls help build and strengthen this trust.

10. Social Media 

If you’re not a social media manager yourself, it’s best to outsource the task to assistants. Instead, focus on quality control and customer communication.

Delegating these tasks will enable you to accept more orders and respond flexibly to any changes:

  • Analyze and track the competition
  • Create an editorial plan for social media
  • Create posts and images
  • Distribution of current blog articles
  • Identify and create target groups
  • Pre-scheduling posts for a specific time 
  • Responding to comments
  • Create and moderate groups and chats
  • Maintain and update profiles
  • Setting up pages and accounts on social networks
  • Create a YouTube account
  • Set up advertising accounts
  • Control your ads

11. Website 

A virtual assistant well-versed in content management systems and SEO can significantly enhance the efficiency of your business.

In this area, especially, a lot of tasks require regular attention:

  • Creating and updating an SEO strategy
  • Conducting keyword analysis
  • Conducting competitor analysis
  • Creating landing pages for products
  • SEO optimization of articles and pages
  • Evaluation of Google Analytics Performance
  • Updating plugins and themes
  • Checking and updating links
  • Creating backups
  • Checking the site for errors

These are not the only tasks that a virtual assistant can handle for you. There’s hardly an industry that doesn’t have tasks suitable for outsourcing to virtual assistants.

If you have tasks across various areas, consider hiring multiple virtual assistants instead of seeking one person to handle everything. While most virtual assistants offer a broad range of tasks, each has its specialization and expertise.

HireUA specializes in recruiting professionals with diverse skills and knows where to find the best talent. The team can assist you in selecting the most effective candidate for your business. Additionally, you’ll benefit from the knowledge and experience of the selected professionals in the long run.

what does a virtual assistant do

Your Gains By Hiring A Virtual Assistant

When looking for a virtual assistant, it’s crucial to understand the benefits you can gain. 

Here are the key advantages of having a virtual assistant:

Support In Everyday Life

A virtual assistant will help you organize your daily routine more efficiently and keep you informed. The support allows you to focus on the main tasks and leave the details to the assistant.

Saving Time

A virtual assistant can free up your schedule and take care of administrative tasks while you focus on what matters most.

Reduced Operational Costs

Remote employees can work outside your company for only a few hours a week. 

The cost savings make this service available to more people, allowing you to focus on your core tasks and leave the details to your assistant!

It also saves you money on office space, workstation equipment, and government fees for permanent employees. 

Increased Efficiency

It’s very simple. Support allows you to respond and solve problems faster. Therefore, more work can be done in less time and at a lower cost.


A virtual personal assistant offers flexibility and allows you to organize your time and work environment. It’s also ideal for families with young children, as family responsibilities and work commitments can be better aligned. In addition, the flexible use of a VA allows you to tailor their work to your current needs.

Quality Of Service

Virtual assistance services should be provided by professional service providers who value their reputation. That’s why they will strive to provide high-quality services.

Improving Your Work-Life Balance

This is one of the most important points. 

If you, as an entrepreneur, feel that everything is falling on you, then finding a virtual assistant can help you better distribute the tasks that need to be done.

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do? Closing Thoughts

Hiring a virtual assistant is a strategic move for any growing business. While finding the perfect virtual assistant for your company isn’t easy, it’s extremely important for stressed-out entrepreneurs. 

The process from search to selection follows a clear, logical, and structured sequence. 

Once you’ve identified the tasks to delegate, the first step is to document them thoroughly. The better you prepare the task description, the more satisfied you’ll be with the result. A detailed task description is essential, especially if you’re seeking long-term cooperation with a virtual assistant. Take the time to get to know them.

With qualified assistance, HireUA consistently leads to successful hiring.

Ready to see for yourself? Start delegating your first tasks now.

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