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Do you want to increase brand awareness, but have no idea how to hire an ecommerce email marketing expert?

Every digital business relies on email to promote its products, services, and content to its target audience.

Some create an in-house team of email marketers to run marketing campaigns. However, you can only do this if you are an ecommerce email marketing agency. Or a large business with a steady cash flow. 

Businesses and startups often hire e-commerce email marketing consultants because of affordability, efficiency, and flexibility.

A good email marketer is a rarity, despite the developed field.

Email has been around forever, after all!

Everyone has heard of an email guru, some have even seen one, but no one knows where to find one.

Read on, and learn the ins and outs of hiring email marketers – from what to look for in a candidate, to where you can find proven professionals for your upcoming digital campaign.

Who an ECommerce Email Marketer Is 

An email marketer is a specialist in electronic mailing. “Snail Mail” by today’s standards.

They deal with all stages of work: from text writing to analytics.

Sending emails to potential (and existing) customers via email is one of the tools of Internet marketing, notifying consumers about:

  • Services
  • Discounts
  • Promotions
  • New products
  • Increasing sales
  • Attracting customers
  • etc.

Let’s list exactly what an email marketing specialist does:

  • Defines goals and develops a promotion strategy.
  • Creates an overarching plan, searches for info/promotions, formulates marketing activities.
  • Creates content for the email – text, images, active links to go to the site, etc. The email marketer creates content for the email. In some cases, the marketer does this independently, in others, they set tasks for the copywriter and designer.
  • Forms, segments the customer base, updates, and keeps it up to date.
  • Comes up with hypotheses on how to increase the target audience and tests them with A/B tests.
  • Gathers statistics on the results of mailings, analyzes feedback, and draws conclusions.

Duties of an Ecommerce Email Marketing Specialist

ecommerce email marketing

The responsibilities of an e-commerce email marketing specialist include all the tasks related to email newsletters. For this, he must have certain knowledge and hard skills.

Let’s explain briefly what an email marketer knows and can do:

  • Internet marketing basics: Analyzing the market, customers, competitors, ways to attract traffic, developing a UTP, etc.
  • Key scenarios and sales funnels in email marketing.
  • Analysis of sent emails and their effectiveness.
  • Programs for collecting and segmenting the customer base.
  • Testing different audience segments.
  • Testing new email templates.
  • Basic concepts of promotion channels: SMM, targeting, contextual advertising, etc.
  • Copywriting – writing advertising, informational, and commercial texts.
  • Writing copy and messages for emails.
  • Platforms for email distribution: Mailchimp, GetResponse, UniSender.
  • Email design tools: HTML, CSS, and graphic editors for image preparation.
  • Optimization of emails for mobile devices.
  • Popular CRM systems.
  • Google Analytics and Yandex web analytics services.
  • Basic metrics: Open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate of subscription pages, etc.
  • Ways to bypass spam filters, and email deliverability factors.
  • Email automation mechanisms.
  • A clear understanding of data and privacy policies.

Necessary Soft Skills of ECommerce Email Marketers

Paradoxically, a savvy email newsletter marketer needs to know more than just the market and analytics. They must have well-developed soft skills. These skills will be needed because they will be working in a team with these people, organizing their work. 

It’s hard to organize or supervise the proper execution of something you don’t know how to do. Sometimes adjustments will need to be made along the way.

These are important skills that your future professional needs:

Make Friends With The Sales Team

Your marketer or mailing list manager should have good communication skills. Marketers are friendly folks.

To increase the chances of getting good returns from campaigns, he or she will need to establish a reliable channel of communication with the sales department.

The sales team need to be aware of what sells, and the marketer definitively needs to know what to sell and when to sell it.

Often after sending leads, the potential customers are “abandoned” – if the lead clicked on the link or the checkout, let the salespeople deal with it. This is fundamentally wrong and often leads to the loss of the client — though a solid team of Client Success Managers will help with this.


It’s no secret that in marketing mailings you need to collect as much data as possible, analyze it, and then build a further strategy based on the data.

Sometimes you have to abandon a strategy you liked because it doesn’t work. If a person lacks that flexibility, campaigns simply won’t work.

Speed of Operation

More than once, we’ve seen marketing departments where everything goes smooth, tranquil, and calmly.

Until a marketer bursts in and speeds things up for a while, and then everything falls back into slumber. It’s familiar, isn’t it? Now, that’s not the kind of email marketing manager we need.

Marketing is war.

“Techie” Or “Humanitarian” 

There is a strange opinion that marketing is a great place for humanitarians.

The very fact of the need for clear analytics and monitoring kind of contradicts this. To the question of humanitarians and creatives. There’s no way to deal with them at all. 

Online marketing or Internet marketing – implies the collection and processing of databases, as well as a sea of tedious laborious work on the methodical preparation of projects and decision-making based on facts and statistics, not on intuition and “I think so”.

A person with a math or engineering degree is more suitable here than an arbitrary academic credential.

Why Your Business Needs An Ecommerce Email Marketer

You probably already realize that you can get closer to your customers with the help of email – you can surround them with things they are interested in and care about.

Email in general has one of the highest ROIs in terms of marketing spend.

Why? See below!

1. You Can Go Beyond Character Limits In An Email 

Email newsletters have complete freedom over the length of the message, allowing you control over how your message is delivered.

2. Measurability 

After sending an email, you can track opens and clicks, time spent in the email, conversion rate, and more.

3. Making A Selling Landing Page Out Of An Email

Add interactive elements, personalized product selections, and buttons with a call to action.

This is especially convenient for online stores. Interactive content attracts twice as much attention as static content. Sales lending can be made with the help of AMP technologies.

4. High Email Deliverability 

More than 90% of users will receive your email.

And at this time, social networks have their own unique algorithms for ranking content…it is simply not up to you whether your message is delivered or not.

5. Trigger Campaigns

Track users actions on your online resource and send emails based on this behavior. For example, if a user put goods in the cart and left the site without paying – remind them about it.

6. Personalization 

This element goes so much deeper than simply calling the customer by name.

Email distribution allows you to send pointed messages to customers and hit the bull’s eye.

Email distribution services, having all the information about the customer (for example, from the CRM system, behavior on the site, purchase history, etc.), can collect and send the right products to customers. In this way, not only email open rates, but also total sales are increased.

Email Marketer’s Portfolio

An email manager usually has a specific portfolio of work.

Campaigns, landing pages, promotions to name a few.

But what you should be interested in first is sales and leads. Next, you can look at the statistics of mailings. Only these numbers tell you objectively whether the marketer is doing a good job. 

At the end of the day the only thing that matters is money in the bank.

You can spend a lot of time and effort, and make beautiful emails, but not bring in revenue from the customers. Your business simply does not need that kind of marketing.

How To Test An Ecommerce Email Marketing Specialist

Be sure to conduct a technical screening with a trial task. This will help you find out how the specialist thinks.

Call past clients and employers and take feedback – not just one, but several. Ask why they parted ways and what went wrong and what went well.

In the interview itself, you can look at things like this:

  • How much the specialist gets into the core of the business – does he or she ask about key metrics, and who the target audience is?
  • Does he/she ask what are the tasks, funnels, and marketing avenues before ecommerce email marketing begins, and what difficulties are currently encountered?

This means that the specialist is proactive and will help from their expertise and not just wait for stuff to magically happen. You want someone who will think about how to solve the problem and achieve their KPIs together with the team and manager.

Always a good idea to ask any candidate why they left their last job or client.

Listen carefully to the words they say, what was good and what was bad. Another obligatory question is, “What’s your ideal job?” – this will let you know your expectations.

Situational tasks or what is also called “case solving” at the interview itself work very well. For example, if you’ve already had an email marketer or you’ve done mailings, you can ask how the candidate would act in your place in your situation.

Prepare a couple of situations, such as: “We sent a promotional mailing for Black Friday, we wanted to get X sales, but we didn’t hit the target. What would you do in that situation?”

A competent specialist will ask how we realized we didn’t hit the plan. What was the plan in general, what was good, and what was bad? Where did you look at the sales report, what kind of report, was there a marking of leads in the mailing, who was sent to, when was it sent, and what were the other indicators?

The Process of Hiring an Email Marketer

ecommerce email marketing

B2B ecommerce email marketing represents the face of your brand. Email marketers play a key role in delivering your message to your audience.

Hiring a dedicated email marketer is an important step for your go-to-market team. Think it’s hard to find the right candidate? That may be true if you search for them yourself.

Regardless of your brand or situation, HireUA will help you to find a specialist who can write persuasive messages, understands the basics of modern digital marketing, and has a desire to continue to develop their talents.

In fact, we’ve done it a few times…

Zach of ZHS Ecom talks about hiring email managers for his email agency.
Max of Skyro Digital talks about hiring for his ecommerce email marketing agency.

However, here are a few key steps you can take afterward to build the right team with an email marketer for your company.

1. Ask The Selected Candidates to Write a Sample Email

After you’ve selected a few of the best options from HireUA, take on your interview process.

Ask the selected candidates to write a sample email based on either a past campaign or one you made up. This will allow you to see if they can adapt their tone and style to that of your company, and if they can turn something mundane into content that will compel readers to open the email and click through.

2. Hire ECommerce Email Marketers Who Are Willing To Learn

You could list all the qualities of the perfect ecommerce email marketing manager, but at the end of the day, great professionals have one thing in common: a desire to learn.

This can be indicated on their resume by their background, education, and breadth of experience – both specific to email marketing and in other disciplines, certifications, and industry networks.

3. Recruit Email Marketers Using The Best Data Possible

Ultimately, good recruiting comes down to a good database.

That’s where data providers come to the rescue. It’s easy to find the perfect person for your open positions using a recruiting database fueled by high-quality intelligence like contact information and company news alerts.

4. Determine Your Must-Have Skills For A New Email Marketer

After choosing a specialist, what exactly does YOUR company need for email marketing?

Maybe you need a sound strategy for campaign logistics or a lot of experience with HTML.

Whatever your needs are, figure them out before you get started.

5. Look at Other ECommerce Email Marketing Agencies & Companies

Before hiring a new marketer at your firm, do some research on the email marketing campaigns of other companies in your industry.

This will help provide great insight into what your competitors are doing and what you would want a competent professional to be able to do for your brand.


It’s important to make smart decisions when hiring for critical marketing positions.

By hiring an ecommerce email marketing specialist from HireUA, you can make your marketing goals very achievable. He or she is guaranteed to be aware of new trends, have the hard and soft skills to execute effective email campaigns, and is ready to learn and grow in their field and beyond.

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