How to Hire a Media Buyer: Vital Step to Boost Your Marketing

As the technological wonders of marketing continue to evolve, new roles are emerging. Media buying is one of those roles. So how to hire a media buyer?

Today, the job of a media buyer is one of the most in-demand. 

Is such a specialist just an “ad buyer”? Perhaps it used to be, but today it is a position that is held by an excellent digital analyst.

The media buyer now also supports the development and deployment of campaigns on relatively new marketing channels such as social media and online video. 

He must be able to not only buy ads but also test, generate traffic from any source, run/scale ad campaigns, run analytics and interact with the team at the same time.

Let’s get acquainted with the position of media buyer in more detail, learn about all its advantages for the employer and determine the further strategy for hiring such a specialist.

How to Hire a Media Buyer: Briefly About the Profession

Media buyer is usually a position that is represented in advertising and media agencies. However, direct advertisers may also have this position.

Large companies often have a media buyer on their staff.

All media buyers, of course, are divided into those who work with different advertising channels:

  • Internet
  • Print media
  • Television
  • Outdoor advertising and others

how to hire a media buyer

Who the Media Buyers Are

The title “media buyer” sounds simple enough. It might make you wonder, “What does a media buyer do?” 

In general, the concept of the position of “media buyer”, since it appeared at all, has very much transformed.

The traditional definition of “buyer of advertising” is no longer true.

A media buyer is no longer the person who is the fastest to click the “book” button on the most high-profile ad unit in prime time.

If we talk about the digital media buyer, it is analytical work with a variety of advertising platforms, and, accordingly, with a variety of specializations in the profession, including – work with mobile traffic, work with traffic from social networks.

For example, some media buyers specialize only in email or Facebook.

Requirements for the Media Buyer 

The job of a digital media buyer today involves knowledge of a multitude of metrics, such as:

  • Different purchasing models
  • Knowledge of metrics
  • Ability to work with different advertising/social media platforms
  • Working with teaser networks and analytical services
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of purchased traffic
  • Software for a wide range of other advertising tools

As you can see, this is space, the boundaries of which are not visible to the naked eye. 

But if you omit all the technical nuances of a media buyer’s job, the basic responsibilities of any digital ad buyer include:

  • Negotiate and get the most out of MS and venues
  • Minimize advertising costs, reporting, and paperwork
  • Create advertising campaigns in various systems, and constantly monitor and optimize them.

The Basic Skills of a Media Buyer

As for the hard skills of the representative of this profession, the following stand out:

  • Knowledge of marketing theory – conducting research, estimating budgets concerning KPIs
  • Negotiating and making presentations
  • Understanding of industry digital software – Google Analytics, Google Trends, Hype Auditor, Socialbakers
  • Find and analyze information quickly.

At the same time, a media buyer should have well-developed soft skills – personal qualities that help reach new heights and think outside the box:

Communication skills – the ability to find common ground with clients and other team members;

Creativity – thinking outside the box, individual approach to work;

Ability to learn – in the digital sector methods and strategies are constantly updated, so you need to quickly learn a lot of information;

Resistance to stress – the adequate reaction to constructive remarks of colleagues and management;

Time management – the ability to skillfully plan your time and prioritize your tasks.

Before becoming a professional media buyer, you must have a good understanding of marketing in practice.

Therefore, having a degree in advertising or sociology increases the chances that this is the professional you are looking for.

The Role of the Media Buyer in Your Business

The modern media buyer performs different tasks in their position.

First of all, it depends on the scale of the company, the composition of the client portfolio, the niche, etc. 

Below are the main services provided by this specialist, depending on the specific advertising agency.

  • In a small agency, the media buyer is usually entrusted with almost all responsibilities for advertising content. They become a direct participant in the whole process of working with clients – data collection, planning, and negotiations 
  • The scheme of interaction in a network agency is somewhat different. The media planner or planner makes a plan and passes it on to the traffic manager, who has to negotiate terms with third-party sites. In other words, they simply negotiate 
  • A larger agency has a staff of several media buyers. One collects data from the market, another cares about the best terms, and a third monitor’s costs. Reports are given to the team leader, who checks and approves them

In all cases, the media buyer is responsible for maintaining the agency’s revenue and digital channel efficiency.

It will also help you develop a comprehensive media plan. Such a plan will include details about ad placement and pricing, as well as your brand’s goals.

The media plan will also include a detailed final budget.

How to Hire a Media Buyer: Main Tips

These signals will help you decide if a candidate is right for the job:

  • Extensive media buying experience
  • Knowledge of the media buying process
  • Ability to think outside the box
  • Proactive and resourceful

And the following questions will help determine the right candidate for the job:

  • What is your experience buying advertising space on various platforms?
  • Where do you think advertising is most effective?
  • How do you think you can balance ad spending with reach and frequency?
  • What do you think about retargeting?
  • What effective strategies have you used to negotiate lower advertising rates?

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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Media Buyer

Even great negotiators often make big mistakes in their advertising.

Not everyone is good at fighting with sales reps over pricing, collecting and analyzing media usage data, working with media partners, and getting the best placement at the lowest cost.

Anyone can push an inept salesperson to lower rates, but it takes experience and industry knowledge to develop a professional media strategy.

Media buyers are an important part of every agency’s team, and they offer many advantages. 

For example:

Working Efficiently on a Budget

No matter how much you plan to spend, an experienced media buyer knows how to look at the budget as a whole and make the most of it.

They know the strengths and weaknesses of the various advertising partners, including rates, audiences, and opportunities for added value.

A good media buyer also knows how to plan “flights” that maximize the impact you get within your budget.

The Best Resources, Information, and Relationships 

The biggest difference between an experienced media buyer and a self-employed advertising entrepreneur is that media buyers have deep connections in the advertising industry.

They have access to resources and relationships that allow them to achieve results that clients cannot achieve on their own.

Knowledge of the Media Field

One of the most overwhelming aspects of advertising-at least for most businesses-is how complex it is. Buying media is no longer just about placing ads on television and radio.

It involves investing in strategies to help you reach people on digital platforms, including social media, search engines, and e-mail.

Advertising is becoming increasingly complex, which increases the need for industry experts who constantly keep up with media developments and best practices.

Professional-level Tools

As advertising becomes more complex, media buyers also have to master new tools to manage campaigns.

Many professionals who make their living buying ads use technology and software that analyzes different ad-buying options to help them make the smartest and most effective decisions.

Increased Reach and Visibility 

With their skills and extensive experience, media buyers will increase the audience of your clients as your firm and its services will become more visible, and more people will learn about it and be interested in buying your products.

Saving Time

Managing media buying requires a lot of time and attention, and finding an employee with the skills and experience to do it right isn’t easy.

Sure, your marketing specialist can keep an eye on your advertising, combining it with all your other tasks, but the results won’t be the same.

Investing in an advertising partner who offers media buying can improve your results while saving you the headache of hiring new staff.

Steps to Hire a Media Buyer 

You must be able to find someone who will fit your company’s needs.

So, what you should do to hire a media buyer:

1. Make the Right Job Description

A well-written job description is very important in attracting the right candidates because it will show what kind of person is coming to your office. 

But what makes a good job description? 

Make sure you include all the information you need about the position.

For example, what are the duties and responsibilities? What qualifications are required? What kind of schedule will the successful candidate need to follow?

In addition to including all the necessary details, it’s important to write in an engaging and enthusiastic tone. This will increase the chances that culturally appropriate applicants will come to your company wanting to apply.

2. Attract the Right Candidates

Now you can submit your job description to HireUA to be seen by the best candidates. You have already made sure that media buyers are an important part of any team and will benefit your client immensely.

Remember, the best media buyers you need to attract will only work with you if their values align with your company’s values. 

3. Zoom Interviews 

Now it’s time to filter out even more. Get ready for interviews with the 10 people you choose. 

The final answer is the level of depth with which candidates answer questions. 

And Zoom interviews are a great way to identify candidates! Because you can better understand their personality.

After the Zoom interview, you’ll have at least 5 ideal candidates or media buyers that you can attract to your team. 

4. Conduct a Second Interview

Ideally, prepare questions of this type to determine if they are well-versed in a particular position.

Since we’re talking about media buyers, you need to make sure that they can run ads effectively and that they are data-driven.

In addition, you need to determine what they know how to do and what they are willing to learn. For example, if they don’t know how to create media copy, you should hire a copywriter.   

Indeed, the candidate’s qualifications and talents can be assessed more thoroughly in a second interview.

It also allows you to ask more specific questions about their experience and capabilities. This will help you determine if they are a good fit for your company’s role.

5. Make a Hiring Decision

The previous steps will determine the quality and caliber of the team members you hire.

At this point, you just need to use all the information you gather to make your decision because you don’t want to fire, re-hire, and start this complicated process all over again.

So be sure to take the time to read up on potential candidates and their experience.

You can also ask for references. Talk to other companies in your industry and find out who they recommend.

Last but not least, before making any decisions, make sure that you and the candidate have similar expectations, budgets, etc.

How to Hire a Media Buyer: Summarizing Key Information!

Media buying is a full-time job, not a task on your to-do list. As much as business owners and marketers love controlling their advertising plans, trying to do it yourself is a bad idea. 

You need the expertise to analyze the marketplace, place the right ads, and monitor your campaign for inconsistencies. 

Remember, the best media professionals have processes for building and executing strategic media programs that produce measurable results tied to business goals.

These programs are then executed through a careful process of negotiation, ordering, and management.

Finally, they are fully accountable for all funds allocated to the media campaign.

If you want your advertising campaigns to reach their maximum potential, it’s worth turning to HireUA, who can complement your in-house team and find the right person for all your requirements.

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