where can I hire a virtual assistant

Where Can I Hire a Virtual Assistant? — A-Z Hiring Guide (2024)

Where can I hire a virtual assistant? You’ve probably already asked yourself this question at some point.

And you are most likely an entrepreneur doing all the administrative tasks: filling orders, answering customers, marketing the business, and running day-to-day operations.

But our time is characterized by digitization. And a large number of businesses and retailers are turning to virtual office assistants to expand their capabilities and increase efficiency. 

Businesses that use such digital trends as a solution gain cost savings and increase the scale of their business.

A virtual assistant is like an extra pair of hands. That’s why he or she should be first on the hiring list for online business owners. A virtual assistant will take over the daily tasks and processes involved in running your business so you can focus on growing it. 

If you’re busy with the many problems that come with growing your business (such as stress and increasing tedious to-do lists), it may be time to hire a virtual assistant to put a few hours back into your day. 

But where to find one and how to hire virtual assistant? You’ll learn about all of that below. 

What A Virtual Assistant Is 

A virtual assistant is an efficient generalist who works remotely to perform delegated tasks or processes. These can be answering emails, scheduling social media content, and data entry (often for a fixed hourly rate or prepaid with a set number of hours per month).

A virtual assistant can work as a “digital nomad” anywhere in the world.

He or she is often competent in areas such as content writing, accounting, or design.

Support For Business With a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant doesn’t take over the entire function of your business, rather, they deal with specific processes or tasks. For example, a virtual assistant won’t create your entire website, but they can help you manage parts of your online brand. They may not write and manage all of your content, but they can help with research or updating product pages. 

Here are other functions virtual assistants can help with:

  • Respond to customer emails, social media comments, and phone calls
  • Perform community management tasks, such as moderating comments on Facebook ads or tracking engagement opportunities on Twitter
  • Build lists to work with bloggers/influencers based on specific criteria
  • Researching stats and examples for upcoming content
  • Handle orders and returns from customers (you can find assistants who have experience with Shopify, or train them on how to follow the process)
  • Perform accounting duties or enter data from various sources into a single spreadsheet
  • Make sales calls by getting a script and guidance on how to answer common questions
  • Schedule meetings or make appointments for you
  • Run remote personal errands (some virtual assistants can shop on your behalf).

In fact, here’s a list of 130 things you can use a VA for.

where can I hire a virtual assistant

Types of Virtual Assistants

One of the main questions to consider when considering hiring a virtual assistant is what can he or she do for you? 

With the proper training, skills, and tools, a virtual assistant can technically do everything without being physically present.

However, there are different types of assistants, and it’s important to know which type of virtual assistant is best suited for the tasks you plan to delegate.


The most common type of virtual assistant is known as a general-purpose virtual assistant. This is a person who can perform day-to-day tasks and processes that are important to running your business, but not necessarily aimed at growing it.

In this case, the tasks you have to delegate are usually technical and cyclical, such as managing your email or travel schedule, scheduling meetings, entering data, conducting research, and scheduling social media posts.


A specialized virtual assistant has a very specific skill set and is better suited to oversee a specific process of your business. Typically, these assistants are more expensive than regular assistants because they already have a specialized skill set and therefore will require minimal additional training from you.

For example, tasks such as customer service, accounting, video editing, and project management are better suited for a specialized assistant.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant 

No matter how busy your daily routine is right now, an assistant can make a big difference in your productivity and the growth of your business.

Here are some of the major benefits of hiring a virtual assistant:

You Don’t Need A Physical Office

Depending on where you live, renting an office space can be quite expensive. Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to start building your team without increasing your costs. Except for buying a few software tools needed to communicate with and manage your virtual assistant. But the main cost of hiring virtual staff is the cost of your time.

Hiring Costs Are Less Expensive

Virtual assistants are an affordable alternative to hiring regular employees. Most virtual assistants work as independent contractors, and depending on where they live, their hourly rate can be much lower than what a local employee would cost you. For example, a virtual assistant from Ukraine will cost less than half of what a virtual assistant in North America would, and they would perform the same tasks.

No Limits To Local Talent

The entrepreneur has access to a wide range of qualified candidates for certain tasks and doesn’t have to hire exclusively local performers. A virtual assistant can technically work from anywhere in the world as long as they have an Internet connection. Not having to hire someone locally greatly increases the number of potential candidates.

For example, HireUA owns a pool of talent and highly qualified professionals living in different cities in Ukraine.

Delegating Helps Prevent Burnout

Delegating specific tasks and responsibilities to others is a huge step toward preventing “burnout.”

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs think they need to do everything themselves, and that’s exactly what they do. This leads to a significant increase in work hours, a lack of ability to focus, feeling overwhelmed, and a lack of time for other areas of life (such as exercise, hobbies, and family).

The Ability To Spend More Time On Your Strengths

You can’t be the master of everything, and you shouldn’t try to be. For every task and process you need to run your business (including the ones you don’t like or are tired of), you can find people who specialize in those tasks and enjoy them. Hiring people to delegate tasks frees up your time so that you can focus on activities you enjoy doing that doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

Focusing On High-Profit and Lucrative Things

Finally, when you hire a virtual assistant, you free up more time to focus on activities that significantly add value to your business than those you delegated to your virtual assistant. In other words, you free up more time to focus on activities that directly impact your income.

Interested in the question, “Where can I hire a virtual assistant?”

You’ll find the answer below, but for now, let’s figure out how much you need it and what the benefits will be for you. 

The Best Time To Hire

Because the virtual assistant is a contractor and not a full-time employee, you decide how long you want to hire them. 

You might consider hiring if:

  • You work more in your business than on it because you are overwhelmed with administrative tasks
  • You’re willing to spend $100 to $3,000+ a month to buy your time, depending on the hours, time zone, and skills you need for a reliable assistant
  • You already know exactly what repetitive tasks and processes you want to outsource, such as customer service or bookkeeping
  • Your weakest points are organization and administration
  • You feel overwhelmed by the growth of your business, being a busy parent, or working from dusk to dawn and building your business in your spare time

Of course, you can hire an assistant when your work and personal life are especially busy. 

where can i hire a virtual assistant

Here are some tasks you can delegate:

  • Comparative shopping analysis for a new office
  • Creating a detailed spreadsheet to work with influencers, contact information, audience size, and engagement metrics
  • Conducting research for analysis and consolidating it into one document

A virtual assistant can help you do the work you don’t like and free up time for the work you do like.

Where To Look For The Best Virtual Assistant

Although you can hire a virtual assistant the traditional way through message boards, why?

The platform you use to hire a virtual assistant will also affect the amount of time you spend managing that relationship. This should be considered along with the price.

To hire a virtual assistant, go where they are in plentiful supply.

HireUA can help you use your time efficiently and find a professional based on your price and needs. 

Our team’s goal is to connect employers with their ideal virtual assistants, remote workers, and freelancer. 

In this case, all you have to do is share your requirements so that you can be matched with qualified professionals based on your requirements.

Steps For Hiring A Virtual Assistant

where can I hire a virtual assistant

Not all virtual assistants are the same. Just like any other employee, you’ll need to vet them, and that starts with describing your needs in the job description. But before you write it, make sure you’ve prepared the necessary resources for the induction.

Working with an assistant isn’t just about explaining over the phone what you want and hoping he or she does it right. You can avoid mistakes by documenting the entire process and creating a manual for them to follow. When it comes to a basic routine, such as managing aspects of your brand, there are many effective methods of documenting the process.

Not only will this make it easier to implement into your processes, but it will force you to think through every step you need to take with your virtual assistant.  

Remember: Your goal is to create less work for yourself, not more.

2. Write A Job Description To Attract The Right Candidate

To find the right virtual assistant, you need to write a job description that can attract the person with the skills and qualities you need. This is a filter for finding the right person, and it’s a useful exercise to get your needs on paper. 

Be sure to include:

  • The scale of your business (e.g., how many sales/support requests you typically get)
  • Prior work experience in related field(s)
  • Language requirements (e.g., “Excellent spoken/written English” if they will be communicating with clients in the US)
  • A specific list of tasks they will perform for you
  • Necessary and desirable skills
  • Resources you will provide (e.g., customer communication instruction)

It’s important to consider the tools and platforms you use in the process. It’s much easier to find a virtual assistant with experience using certain applications than to train someone from scratch.  

3. Describe The Profile Of Your Ideal Candidate 

Given that your new employee will be working remotely, consider what skills they need to be productive beyond the typical requirements of the position. For example, it will be helpful if they are familiar with collaboration and task management tools such as Slack and Trello. Also, mention important soft skills such as communication skills and the ability to work independently.

4. Choosing A Virtual Assistant

Introduce your virtual assistant to your business so that you can understand what they excel at and they can understand your business. 

Things can go wrong if you trust your virtual assistant with too much too soon.

While you may want to give people autonomy so that you can focus on other priorities, you must either act as the ultimate validator or make sure that the context you give goes beyond the task and takes into account nuances such as the thinking of your audience.

5. Protect Your Information And Accounts

Once you’ve hired a virtual assistant and set them up for success, you need to give them limited access to the information or other resources they’ll use to do their job. 

Most of the tools you already use likely offer limited access to collaborate with other users:

Since virtual assistants work with multiple clients, sometimes competitors in the same niche, it’s wise to get them to sign a nondisclosure agreement.  

6. Monitor The Performance & Change The Role Over Time

It’s hard to know what pace your virtual assistant should work at or how much work they should do per hour. That’s when time tracking comes to the rescue.

Many virtual assistants have systems to help them track time and report it on invoices, but there are also time-tracking tools that you can explore. 

Although you want your virtual assistant to work without much supervision, check it regularly to see if there are ways to simplify the process or improve its workflow. 

When your virtual assistant gets comfortable with their tasks, you might consider expanding their role and outsourcing more processes or hiring an additional assistant to manage other aspects of your business.

“Where Can I Hire A Virtual Assistant?” — Now You Know!

If you think about it, the goal of entrepreneurship is not to own a business but to put some of it in good hands so that your business can run without your full attention.

It’s important to hire the right virtual assistant in 2024 because it not only helps you save time, it helps you save money. By hiring a virtual assistant, you can focus on what matters most – growing your business, spending time with your family, or just giving yourself time to catch your breath.

HireUA can support you in finding a virtual assistant that meets all your business needs. Click here to book a call with our team!

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