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How to Hire Employees: Comprehensive Guide from A to Z!

Do you ever feel like you are the only one working for the success of your company?

You are probably tired, and the only question on your mind is: how to hire the right employees?

Many managers notice that without their constant supervision, nothing gets done as well as it should.

To avoid doing all the work themselves, they spend a lot of time and energy trying to improve the quality of their employees.

More often than not, these efforts do not bring the expected improvements and the situation does not change. 

The reason is that an employee’s performance is directly related to their productivity, i.e. their ability to achieve the desired results. And this is the most important indicator. 

Those who were initially quite productive tend to become even more effective employees when managed well.

However, the quality of employees who are not productive can rarely be improved. You can train and motivate them for years and still not get decent results. 

The conclusion is that it is very important to approach hiring employees the right way because otherwise, you will be in a constant state of hiring without significant growth on the business front.

Let’s take a look at proven tips on how you can approach hiring candidates the right way.

How to Hire Productive Employees

For you to stop working for everyone, you must have productive employees in your company.

To do this, you need to ensure an influx of effective employees into the company. And this is only solved by hiring. We can say that hiring productive employees is vital to the success and development of any business. 

So what do you need to do to build a team that can lead your company to success? How to hire the desired employees?

It can be said that hiring consists of certain steps, each of which leads to a specific result. 

By following the steps below in the right sequence, you will be able to identify productive employees among job seekers and attract them to your company.

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How to Hire Employees: 10 Steps to Effective Hiring

Step #1: Make Hiring a Management Function

No matter how good you are at what you do, and no matter how smart you are, your business and its fate are in the hands of the people you hire.

Therefore, the person entrusted with picking employees affects the fate of the entire company.

You could say that whoever is in charge of hiring in your company determines which people will determine the success of your business

Many managers completely delegate hiring to other employees, explaining that they are busy. This is a mistake that is very costly to their companies.

The main goal of hiring is to build a team of employees who will benefit the company and contribute to its growth.

Managers who don’t pay attention to hiring very often get employees in their management who can’t or don’t want to work well. They end up spending almost all of their time trying to improve the quality of their hires to no avail. 

If your company is completely independent of hiring, you will soon be dependent on the results of hiring.

The performance of the employees hired by someone else will determine where your business is going and at what speed, and you will be left trying to improve.

Only by making hiring a part of your management strategy will you influence what kind of employees end up in your company.

Once you have a hiring process in place, you will be able to build a team that can accomplish all tasks and deliver results, overcoming any obstacle.

Step #2: Determine What Kind of Employees You Need

Some HR managers look for employees without understanding what the result of their work should be, or what qualities a candidate must have to be successful at their job.

Can you imagine how successful the selection will be? 

To successfully select personnel, you need to know exactly the goals and objectives of recruitment in your company. In other words, you need to understand who you need.

Therefore, the search for new employees should always start with a portrait of the candidate we need, consider all the points and subtleties, and see exactly who is needed. 

One of the typical hiring mistakes is that managers skip this step. Because of this, they miss out on valuable employees even in the initial stages of hiring. 

At this stage of the hiring process, you should have a clear understanding of what kind of employee would be ideal for the available position. 

Work out the profile of the right candidate down to the smallest detail by asking the following questions:

  • What problem in the company hire a new employee to solve? What kind of performance do you expect from them? 
  • What requirements must he or she meet to do the job successfully? 
  • What should drive the person when looking for a job, and what qualities should he or she possess to fit into your company? 

Only after you understand what kind of employee you need to find, you will compose your job ad in such a way that it will attract his attention and place it where the candidate you need can see it.

Step #3: Create an Ad to Attract the Attention of the Right Candidates

To hire the most productive people for your company, you need them to be among those who want to come to work for you in the first place and lead you to success.

A job ad is your best chance to get a candidate interested and show them that they have always dreamed of working for your company. 

The right job ad will attract people to your company who can perform even the most difficult tasks and have a great desire to work.

Do you want to understand which candidates will be interested in your ad? Then pay attention to what you emphasize in the text of the ad. 

Do you describe what results you expect from the future employee, and what he will need to do? Or do you mainly try to interest candidates with high salaries and big bonuses? 

As a rule, ads that focus more on employee compensation bring in people who want to get paid just for being at work.

Productive people are more interested in what tasks they will need to perform and what is required of them to succeed in their position. 

An ad that describes the job expectations and tasks to be performed will filter out those who want to get paid without doing anything.

This will increase your chances of seeing effective employees at the interview.

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Step #4: Prepare Your Interview Questions in Advance

Before the interview, prepare questions that will allow you to quickly assess whether the candidate possesses the skills and behaviors you’ve identified as necessary for the job.

You can include some or all of these types of questions:

  • Icebreakers to build rapport and get candidates comfortable with you;
  • Traditional questions to gather general information about the candidate’s skills and experience;
  • Situational questions to understand how the candidate would act in a specific situation relevant to the position under consideration;
  • Behavioral questions to find out how the candidate has handled past experiences;
  • Cultural fit questions to determine if the candidate would work well in your work environment.

Step #5: Find a Way to Process the Candidate Flow Quickly

To hire productive people, you need to be able to identify them among all the people who responded to the ad and invite them for an interview.

It can be said that RATE plays a crucial role in hiring.

Traditional resume screening is very long and does not give a complete picture of the candidate, as you will not find anything there except work experience and information about his education.

Nevertheless, thousands of executives waste their time looking through hundreds of resumes trying to select the best candidates.

It often happens that by the time they reach the most productive candidate, he or she has already landed a job. 

What should you do to quickly and efficiently process the huge flow of candidates? The HireUA team will allow you to quickly process any candidate flow and match the best employee to your goals.   

Step #6: Choose What Criteria to Use to Select Candidates

With everyone trying to make the best impression possible in a job interview, it’s hard for managers to see the essence of a candidate behind their ability to present themselves nicely. 

We’ve identified four major hiring factors to look for to make the right hiring decision:

  • Productivity

A candidate’s usefulness to the company is directly related to their productivity, i.e. their ability to produce results. 

  • Personal Qualities

Knowing a person’s personality traits, you will understand whether he or she can lead people, how easy it will be for him or her to get along in a team, and how responsible and disciplined he or she is.  

  • Motivation

Knowing the motivation of the candidate, you can visualize the quality of the future employee’s work.

  • Knowledge

By knowledge we mean not just memorized information, but professional skills and abilities that a person can confidently apply to achieve the desired results. 

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that of all hiring factors, it is the lack of knowledge that is the easiest to compensate for.

Especially if the candidate you are considering is productive and your company has a system of employee training. 

If you select employees based on these criteria, rather than on their ability to make a good impression, your company will have people who truly contribute to its growth and prosperity.

Step #7: Introduce the New Employee to the Position

A new employee should be introduced to the specifics of working for your company as soon as possible.

Without knowing them, he or she will try to implement ideas that have worked in the past, but may not be appropriate for your business.

You will save a lot of time and nerves if you explain the specifics of your company to the new person right away.

Help the new employee to interact with colleagues. Tell him about your company’s corporate communication methods.

The sooner he understands how he can communicate with his manager and other employees, the easier it will be for the new employee to settle in and the sooner he will start delivering results. 

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Step #8: Finalize the Deal

The process of hiring a new employee doesn’t end the moment a candidate accepts your offer.

In the first week with the company, the newcomer needs to make sure he or she likes it with you. Make the onboarding process comfortable for the new employees so they feel confident in their new role and inspired by the process. Be selective in tests.

Challenge new hires to fit easily into the organization, but you don’t need to purposely overload them to test how they behave under stressful conditions.

When the opportunity arises, make new employees feel at home. Give them what they need, break down barriers, and share resources and knowledge that will help them become more successful.

You’ll be surprised at the increased retention rate of new employees and what they can accomplish.

Typical Mistakes in Hiring Employees

When applying for a job, it is important to know the possible pitfalls or where you may make mistakes.  

These may include:

  • Inaccurate job description
  • Skipping interviews
  • Poor interview preparation
  • Failing to ask the right questions in an interview
  • Talking rather than listening

HireUA is guaranteed to help you avoid these and other potential mistakes. 

How to Hire Employees: Key Takeaways for Successful Hiring!

The main goal of each step of the hiring process is to attract productive people to your company and prevent those who will not be useful from joining.

By following all the hiring steps correctly, you can find truly valuable employees who will make valuable contributions to your company. 

Finding employees is a complex and time-consuming task. However, it more than pays off in the long run.

HireUA will always help you hire the best employees!

Book a call with our team and let HireUA lead you to success!

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