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How to Hire Remote Developers | A-Z Guide for 2024

Due to the rapid development of the IT sphere in the world, there are more and more remote professions ranging from virtual assistants to IT specialists. Almost all of them require performing complex tasks. In addition, most of the leading companies have already adapted to this employment climate. But while for most workers this scenario is highly desirable, a lot of managers have a rather negative attitude toward the prospect of hiring remote developers.

Their reaction can be explained by a fear to lose control of the situation, and a failure to create the necessary level of trust within the team.

Of course, remote work has its unique challenges. And yet, this is the format of the future, so managers will have to adapt whether they like it or not. Additionally, it is critical to build cooperation and create an arrangement which benefits both parties.

This process is quite difficult, but by following the key points below, you will be able to understand how to effectively hire and manage remote software developers. You will also learn how to set up work with a remote team.

Here’s The Benefits of Hiring Remote Software Developers

Companies that are willing to hire remote software developers have an advantage over competitors. Think about it: Without a geographic footprint, you can search for and hire top talent from anywhere in the world without incurring the additional cost of moving a new developer. 

By expanding your search for potential candidates, you open up your company to more talent, and the chance of finding “the one” increases.

Let’s look at all the advantages in detail.

1. The Cultural Component Of The Company Improves

Working remotely helps staff maintain the right balance between their personal lives and work. Companies that allow employees to work from home at least occasionally if not always, gain the respect of their staff. 

2. Work Involvement 

Companies lose billions of dollars each year because employees are distracted in the workplace by calls, texts, and more. If you hire remote software developers it will greatly minimize these losses, make developers happy, and allow for more interaction with family and friends.

3. Costs Are Reduced 

Another advantage to hire remote developers applies only to companies that are located in large cities. Often workers in such localities have to pay extremely high salaries. But for telecommuting, you can recruit staff from the smaller regions or towns.

Often in their localities, life requires fewer resources, so the developer will be able to pay them a lower wage.

4. Wide Geography Of Recruitment

When the HR department was looking for developer in the office, the search was automatically limited to the locality. If employees perform their duties from home, it is no longer that important whether they are located in the same city or on the other side of the country. So, during the search for a candidate HR can consider resumes of non-resident professionals. Often it is possible to find a more qualified developer among them.

5. Increased Efficiency

Working remotely saves an employee from a bunch of unnecessary meetings, and dialogues with other office workers. Working from home, a person can concentrate on the work process.

6. Increasing Working Hours

When working remotely, you are not limited to the confines of a typical working day. At any time of the day, you can reach out to customers/clients, as well as colleagues so you have coverage whenever it is needed.

Here’s what this gives the company:

  • Increased likelihood that a client will still place an order
  • Increased customer loyalty (the company is available 24/7)
  • Improved company reputation in the market

Even if all remote developers live in the same city, the work schedule of their department will still be more flexible. For example, if a client calls outside of working hours, the head of the department will be able to find a manager who has free time.

7. Surviving The Crisis

All of the above benefits add up to another: in the event of a crisis in the market, a company which hire remote developers will be able to maintain its position. At the expense of savings, it can direct the allocated funds to promotion. If there is no tie to geographic location, it is possible to find more valuable or profitable staff. As a result, the company will be able to live longer than its competitors.

hire remote developers

Points To Consider When Hiring a Remote Software Developer

For HR specialists, selecting candidates for remote work can require a change of tactics. Therefore, new approaches to the adaptation of remote developers in the organization and building their effective work are needed. 

Here are the most important aspects that should not be overlooked:

#1: Online Candidate Presentation

Communicating with job seekers online puts a strain on the process. It can be more difficult for the parties to convey information and hear each other. Candidates may be rejected based on the results of the video presentation, even though their level of competence is high. 

In addition, video communication has several other limitations: it is difficult to assess the appearance, emotional reactions, and soft skills of a potential employee. 

Therefore, it is better to organize a system of hiring where a video meeting is just one of the steps. As a rule, the company presents itself and then follows a test assignment or additional assessment.

All this helps to make the selection more versatile and in-depth.

#2: The Image Of The Company In The Digital Environment

This is the way you present your company and communicate with candidates. And while companies with large budgets may not create a wow effect in the process, as candidates have confidence in the brand, everyone else needs to be proactive at each stage to build a strong relationship. 

The job description is just one example.

From it, the candidate will judge the company’s values and corporate culture. To fully disclose the role that the employee will perform, write about the plans to conquer new markets. 

#3: Test Assignment

A test assignment helps to continue communication with a potential candidate after the initial interview stage, allows you to get to know him or her better, and to ask additional questions. 

On the other hand, it is an opportunity to check the competence level of the applicant in the case.  

#4: Speed Of Decision Making

It’s important to act quickly, keeping in contact with the job seeker and giving them positive feedback during the communication process.

It is also important to pay attention to levels of motivation other than financial. The higher an employee’s position, the more important professional fulfillment, recognition, and other intangible factors become.  

#5: The Need To Adapt To The Company

New developers at a remote location can be assigned a personal “guide”. For example, an assigned employee will introduce and explain how the company works. In addition, you can schedule informal events where employees will get to know each other.

There are also some IT solutions for remote communication in any company, from chat rooms to all-in-one corporate platforms that include email, video, and cloud file storage. It can be very difficult for newcomers to figure out where to store reports and where and to whom to write in case of work issues. Support may be needed here, too. 

hire remote developers

Hiring Remote Developers and Organizing Work

For all the benefits of remote work to bring the best results, it is necessary to properly organize the work. But how should you do it?

Here is what you need to pay attention to:

Conducting Multi-Stage Interviews 

Even at the stage of hiring, it is necessary to determine (in detail) the requirements for the future employee. Interviews should be conducted in several stages. At first, it is enough to just call and ask the same questions that are in the resume. The first interview is necessary to see how adequately the candidate communicates. The second call can be a video interview. This time, the required competencies and skills are determined. The third interview can be conducted not by HR, but by the head of the department. 

It is important to understand how well the candidate matches the values of the company.

Drawing Up An Agreement

It is necessary to spell out the reasons why a remote developer can be dismissed. This is due to the difficulty in controlling the employees.

Control System 

It is necessary to collect three reports on planned metrics during a work shift at intervals of 2-3 hours. The metrics must be related not only to the result of the work but also to the process. For example, if the sales department is transferred to a remote office, then in addition to revenue, you can control the number of calls made during the day. In addition to reporting, it is useful to control the subordinates during the planning meetings, during which the manager voices the tasks for the day.

Providing Developers With All The Necessary Tools

To obtain the most value from hiring a remote developer, you will have to provide the necessary software and give access to all necessary information.

For example, for work, you can use:

  • Project trackers (CRM systems) 
  • Communication chats (WhatsApp, Telegram, and other messengers) 
  • Facebook Work or Yamer 
  • Various webinar services (Teams, Zoom, etc.) 
  • Cloud collaboration services (Google Docs, Dropbox) 
  • Remote work software (TeamViewer, etc.)

Strengthening Relations In The Collective

If there is no possibility to hold live meetings and corporate parties, it is possible to hold joint dinners in the form of video conferencing. Informal communication also helps to strengthen relationships. For example, you can periodically hold meetings to discuss not work processes, but the lives of employees. The team should congratulate each other on birthdays, as well as learn about important events in the life of each member.

With the right organization, taking into account the format of remote work, the benefits from it will be much greater. It is not for nothing that many large companies have already introduced cooperation with remote developers permanently and are no longer going to give it up.

Where To Look For Remote Developers

If you are used to hiring only office workers “in real life”, we advise you to reconsider your strategy when looking for remote developers.

Employees are most often found on freelance exchanges and even on social networks. Yes, Facebook and even Instagram are no longer just for selfies on vacation. 

High salary requirements, difficulty finding highly skilled and motivated employees, and overseas recruiting challenges can all slow the process down considerably. So is independent hiring an effective waste of time?

A staffing agency like HireUA provides staffing solutions to businesses around the world. The company strives to connect talent with the right opportunities. This will help organizations build strong, effective, and qualified teams to ensure success without wasting time. 

Operational support will help you at any stage and respond in the shortest possible time.

Some Useful Hints For Employers

  • Trust people, and if they have not justified the trust, promptly look for others, without “dwelling” on the shortcomings of those with whom you are just unlucky
  • Orient people to the main goals and objectives of the company, so that they work as a team and with an understanding of the common cause
  • Develop briefings and requirements in the form of clearly formulated documents that do not require much time to read and comprehend. With these tactics, management will avoid unnecessary questions, clarifications, and misunderstandings from their remote developers
  • Develop effective monitoring of remote work, taking into account time and financial indicators

How to Hire Remote Devs: Closing Thoughts

Everything new and unexplored is always scary. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay in your comfort zone. By leaving it, you risk acquiring something more. In the case if you hire remote developers – it increased productivity at reduced time and financial costs.

Understand and define your basic business requirements and goals, and then look for a candidate who can fit your organization’s work together with HireUA.

— Anastasiia

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