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Virtual Assistant Services: Why Most Are Terrible

So, have you ever wondered why most virtual assistant services are terrible? Let’s discuss it below!

Hiring people is like making friends. Make the right choice and they will enrich your life.

Make a bad choice, and they will lead you astray. It doesn’t matter what your ambitions are: the role of an entrepreneur is to lead and constantly evolve.

Many people believe that to do this, you must build a large company. Others think that it is enough to surround yourself with a small but valuable circle of employees.

In both cases, you will have to hire people. And today, in the world of online management, managers are increasingly thinking about creating a remote team.

That’s why virtual assistant services are becoming an absolute necessity.

But why do most of them turn out to be a terrible experience for the manager? How can you avoid making a mistake and hire a worthy candidate who shares your company’s values?

We will discuss this and more below.

Why Most Virtual Assistants Services Are Terrible

As an entrepreneur, you hire virtual assistants, but you fail again and again, and your business doesn’t move forward. Right?

Here are the most common reasons why you’re hiring the wrong ones:

Lack of Professional Training

This is one of the main and obvious reasons why many virtual assistants are simply disappointing. Added to this are the quality deficiencies that become apparent during the work. 

Unfortunately, many virtual assistants don’t solve problems by giving up.

They also fail to create a network of contacts around them and do not continue their professional training. Finally, they often fail because they lack a professional public image. 

And who needs virtual assistant services who can’t adequately support the company’s image?

Insufficient Level of Responsibility 

When you work with a virtual assistant, your role is that of an entrepreneur. So your success or failure is partly their responsibility.  

A good virtual assistant services is meticulous in solving problems, well-versed in the business area, and highly responsible.

Often, a manager cannot trust their assistants with many tasks, confidential company information, and errands.

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Lack of Big-Picture Thinking

Virtual assistants must communicate with all levels of staff and possibly come into contact with a wide variety of departments. But not everyone has a clear understanding of how the company works.

Then, out of disparate elements, the asst. can’t create an overall picture of the goals. 

If the candidate does not fully understand all the nuances of the work of their company and competitor firms, there is an easy way to quickly sort everything out – stop working with him!

Inability to Prioritize

Most so-called “virtual assistants” do not help the manager to ward off distractions and focus only on the most urgent issues. 

It takes sound judgment and the ability to distinguish between those tasks that need attention and those that are best forgotten. And they just don’t understand how to facilitate its productive activity.

Rejecting Instructions from a Manager

Yes, a Good VA works independently. And you don’t have to tell him/her what to do all the time. However, the specialist should be able to follow instructions from upper management. 

And most people in this position are not used to this approach to work.


Being organized is a must-have quality for a virtual assistant. Tasks that are assigned to specialists have tight deadlines and are constantly changing.

But still, unreliable people have a habit of wasting precious seconds on being unorganized. They fail to develop a system of organization and fail to solve the existing confusing processes.

Strategic Multitasking

Some would say that multitasking is a myth. The brain is not capable of handling more than one complex task at a time.

Time and time again we hear that some ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously is essential in a virtual assistant position.

However, not all personal assistants are used to combining simple tasks. 

Unprofessional employees improperly prioritize, devoting 100% of their attention to each small task. Thus, they don’t have time to handle all the planned tasks.

Arguing With the Manager and Team 

In response to critical comments, virtual assistants react very brightly and emotionally.  Instead of “I’ll do it!” or “Got it!”, they argue and show frustration. 

In this case, the possibility of constructive dialog and, as a consequence, of achieving the result desired by the manager is lost.

What an Effective Virtual Assistant Service Should Be

However it may be, many managers are interested in finding reliable competent virtual assistant services to whom they can delegate some of their important responsibilities.

One person is not able to fully control all the processes of the company

Do not be in a hurry to refuse a virtual assistant. Just carefully consider the choice. 

These are the qualities that should possess the ideal candidate:

1. Adaptability

The adaptability includes:

  • The ability to respond quickly and appropriately to unexpected situations;
  • The ability to quickly find ways to eliminate problems;
  • The ability to choose the optimal solution from a variety of possible options;
  • Ability to give expert assessments of events and work processes.

The virtual assistant may participate in various business conferences and forums where entrepreneurs share practical experience of doing business.

They can adapt to changes in the external environment, model, and forecast situations.  

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2. Mastery of Advanced Computer Technologies

This point is obvious. Computer technology is rapidly evolving.

Cloud storage, remote personnel management systems, and computer programs for analyzing and planning the company’s activities are the direct duties of a virtual assistant in business.

Excellent mastery of such skills has a positive impact on the results. 

3. Maintaining the Confidentiality of the Manager and the Company

The ability to keep business and personal secrets, and listen to and support the boss increases the value of a virtual assistant. 

4. Responsibility and Initiative

Personal qualities that are mandatory in the position of a virtual assistant to the manager. 

Timely and clear fulfillment of undertaken obligations and active development of business development strategies contribute to the prosperity of the company and are a positive indicator of the assistant’s work.

5. Literacy, High Sense of Style and Cultural Awareness

A virtual assistant often has to speak in front of large audiences and communicate concepts and strategies to the company’s employees.

Despite the online format of meetings with business partners, a good specialist needs to be able to convince and defend their point of view.

A large vocabulary, correct construction of phrases, and selection of persuasive words and arguments will help in achieving the goal.

6. Activity and Interest in Their Work

An effective virtual assistant manager truly loves their work, constantly self-improves, expands horizons, researches, and studies new practices. 

He knows and can do more than others, makes informed decisions, and gives valuable advice. 

Such virtual assistant services are a leader for the company’s employees and a reliable support for the manager.

7. Planning and Organization

Managing your virtual assistant’s time is key to success. Planning helps you accomplish a large number of tasks.

The ability to prioritize, sideline minor projects, and focus on global issues will increase the efficiency of the company.  

Well, to keep up, the virtual assistant must move in a strict sequence of plans.

8. The Ability to Anticipate 

Knowledge in the field of psychology helps a professional virtual assistant to make a psychological portrait, predict reactions, and find ways of unobtrusive influence. 

Among business owners and top managers, absolute loyalty is a priority quality of an assistant. It is important to managers that virtual assistant services show loyalty.

They should be interested in performance and business development for personal convictions and not just for reasons of financial reward. 

Performance, intelligence, communication skills, workaholism, and initiative are also an important search criteria. But where and how to find the right talent today? 

Find the Best Virtual Assistant Services: Here’s How!

Finding a virtual assistant service can seem like a lot of work. Especially if you have to run a small business. You want to find someone you can trust. 

Hire UA, will solve the current staffing problem in your business.

The team of recruiters will provide a selection of talented Ukrainian specialists and help you to form an effective team.

Benefits of Hiring the Right Virtual Assistant Service

By outsourcing non-core activities to a HireUA virtual assistant with the right skill set, you can rest easy. You won’t have to accomplish everything in-house while increasing business productivity.

In addition, your significant benefits include:

virtual assistant services

Saving Time

A good specialist will take care of many daily tasks, freeing entrepreneurs from routine work.

This will allow you to concentrate on more important tasks. This helps to save time and increase efficiency.

Flexibility and Availability

Unlike other people, virtual assistants who love their business can be available around the clock. They are always ready to assist.

They can also work remotely, which allows entrepreneurs to have flexible schedules and not be limited by geographical boundaries.

Offering 24/7 Customer Service

Most businesses have customers scattered all over the world.

But when your business and staff are only located in one area, coping with global needs and different time zones can take time and effort.

For example, if you’re based in New York City and your new virtual assistant is based somewhere in European countries, not only does this increase efficiency, but also the number of hours!

This way, business owners and employees can maintain a good work-life balance and still provide customer support 24×7!

Reduced Costs

Good employees don’t chase the first financial gain and the opportunity to get a bonus.

Virtual assistants from Ukraine can offer their services on a rate plan or hourly basis, allowing your business to optimize costs.

Gain Peace of Mind and Avoid Burnout 

By hiring a professional virtual assistant, you can significantly reduce your workload.

Repetitive tasks such as scheduling appointments, making phone calls, answering emails, and keeping a calendar take much more time than it seems. 

Cutting back on this kind of work gives you time to find a good work-life balance. Allocating time for leisure is very important to avoid burnout at work.

Finally, Ukrainian virtual assistant services provide access to specialized skills and knowledge.

They can perform tasks that require expertise in marketing, finance, website development, and other areas, allowing the business to become more competitive.

The Beginning of Successful Cooperation with Virtual Assistant Services

Once you have found the right virtual assistant, it’s time to get to work.

What tasks do you want to assign them? How much should they know about your business? How will they access documents and files relevant to them?

With these 2 steps, you’ll prepare for the most important questions:

1. Make a List of All the Things You Do Every Day 

This will show you what you spend your time on. For one week, write down as accurately as possible how much time you spend on each task.

2. Evaluate Your Results at the End of the Week 

If it turns out that you spend a lot of time on administration, emails, invoices, client referrals, and client contacts, then you have already found tasks that your VA can do for you.

You can use communication tools like Slack for quick collaboration and productivity tools like Time Doctor to keep your virtual assistants focused on their tasks.

Virtual Assistant Services: Conclusion

With the right specialist, they can significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of online entrepreneurs. 

Quality virtual assistant services will allow you to focus on developing your business and achieving your goals.

HireUA will help you find the right talent for the desired results in a short time!

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