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Why Every Business Owner Needs A Personal Assistant

Many business owners have an “unofficial” assistant who takes care of paperwork and important matters (such as good coffee). But, often times these assistants are unable to do more serious tasks, such as attending meetings and running errands for the boss outside the office – after all, they have their own responsibilities and things to do. This is why it is becoming increasingly important to hire a personal assistant dedicated to you and you alone.

Ahuge list of everything rests on the shoulders of the manager, and some items will never be reached at all, resulting in personal and professional life “clutter” for the business owner.

It is necessary to change something, and the best solution is to look for a useful competent specialist – a personal assistant.

So, why do you need a personal assistant?

Personal Assistant 101

A personal assistant is more than just a secretary. They are a confidant and assistant to their boss, who is ready to take on the role of leadership during an absence. 

This profession is more relevant today than ever, because many companies are emerging that require taking into account a huge number of nuances.

First of all, they deal with organizational issues. To fulfill their functions, they must know the daily schedule of the boss, keeping in mind all the events and meetings planned, doing everything necessary to ensure that everything takes place on schedule.

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Difference Between A Secretary And A Business Assistant

The difference between a personal assistant and a secretary is just as significant, because a secretary is usually an office worker who handles correspondence, answers the phone, receives visitors, and does some other work within the scope of his or her authority, in other words, “secretarial”.

Even within the “Assistant Family”, there are a few titles, such as an Executive Assistant, PA, VA, BA…let’s not complicate it too much though. Business owners need help! That’s what we’re here for.

Who Needs A Business Assistant

personal assistant is in particular demand from:

  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Specialists engaged in private practice 
  • Online teachers 
  • Top management

Why A Business Owner Needs A Personal Assistant

If the list of tasks is already too long (and with each day only growing longer), it will be more and more difficult to deal with everything. Especially when some things are postponed, put off for “later” and then disregarded or downplayed due to time pressure and fatigue.

According to statistics, almost 80% of the time any person is “working” (including directors) their time is spent on low ROI tasks. For example, searching for information on a client, preparing papers for a meeting, booking tickets, getting an order from the store, etc.

This is exactly why you need an assistant. 

Why spend all day doing things that can be assigned to an assistant? 

4 Key Functions Of The Personal Assistant

In addition to the fact that the head of the company makes the most important business decisions, for which he needs to have up-to-date information, his participation is required in many official events – meetings, negotiations, conferences, and so on. 

To make the most effective use of his working time, an assistant is needed. 

The daily work of the business assistant of the manager consists of the following:

1. Solving Organizational Issues

The assistant should relieve the boss of some duties, taking over such simple but time-consuming tasks as:

  • Reading business letters
  • Checking with the press 
  • Making calls for appointments 
  • Booking tickets, etc 

The manager, on the other hand, should focus on core functions that require professional skills and knowledge.

2. Freeing Up The Manager’s Time To Spend On Personal Matters 

This is a continuation of the previous paragraph.

A good assistant is not only able to replace the boss in minor office matters, but also help out in matters related to personal circumstances.

For example, to remind about a family date, to help with the choice of a gift, to order flowers, a table in a restaurant – such requests may well find themselves on the “to-do” list.

Also, the assistant can act as a kind of filter of information coming to the management, and it sometimes depends on them to decide whether it is worth bothering the manager over, especially if they are currently on vacation.

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3. Improving The Manager’s Image Of The Company 

In modern business, it is not uncommon to take a photo of the head of the organization and the presence of his assistant. This increases the status of the head and demonstrates to others his importance. The use of an assistant indicates that a person values his time.

4. Versatile Support

A personal digital assistant are certainly not limited to administrative tasks.

They can remotely run personal errands, from scheduling appointments and booking tickets, to tracking fitness goals and buying gifts online. While some tasks are better handled by in-person assistants, virtual assistants offer a wide range of services, including social media marketing, lead generation, and website development.

5. Autonomous Work

Personal assistants are independent individuals who can complete tasks without constant supervision. After you give them instructions and instruct them on your processes, they troubleshoot and complete tasks on their own. Managed service providers offer additional support, ensuring continuity of work even if your assigned personal assistant is unavailable.

So, the personal assistant of the head assigns routine work to others, in order to make the office schedule of the head less saturated, but more productive. 

They should also cut off unnecessary information and unnecessary questions, which requires not only professionalism but also a certain tact. Finally, having a personal assistant on staff is an indicator of status.

The Benefits Of A Personal Assistant For A Business Owner

The advantages of having a personal assistant are significant. In business, it is important to choose a specialist who will complement his boss. For example, if the manager doesn’t have time to sort out emails and is slow to type, or has difficulty working with spreadsheets.

Here are some of the advantages that await the head when hiring an assistant:

  • Routine chores, tasks, and errands will become the concern of another person 
  • Free time for rest, weekends, for family or friends
  • Decreased fatigue from the endless cycle of monotonous business
  • More time for more important tasks

Job Duties of The Personal Assistant

When announcing a vacancy, the functionality of the future employee and the requirements that he must meet are immediately determined. For the personal digital assistant, this is especially relevant. 

In different companies, the range of duties can vary greatly – from making coffee and answering the phone to organizing business meetings and participating in negotiations as a proxy. 

That is, the people corresponding to this position will have a different set of knowledge and skills.

To avoid any disagreements later, it is necessary to clearly outline what the assistant will be doing. Including whether his work will be limited solely to official matters or possible assignments of a personal nature. 

Here is what is most often included in the tasks of the assistant manager:

Information Gathering 

Often before a negotiation, an agreement, or a decision, the head needs all the information on the matter, and the assistant must be able to find it, using a variety of sources.

The Transfer Of Information 

On behalf of the director to company employees, clients, partners, etc. Since the head of a large firm simply physically does not have the opportunity to personally communicate with all the people with whom they are associated, part of this communication falls on the shoulders of the assistant.

Quality Control 

This refers to the fulfillment of the instructions made by the manager.

Scheduling Meetings Of The Manager

Given the heavy workload of the head of the business it is advisable to spare him from organizing events, remembering their time, etc. A competent assistant himself tracks all meetings, reminds in advance of the time and place, and if necessary, agrees to postpone or cancel.

personal assistant calendar

Maintaining The Personal Calendar Of The Boss

The assistant should help the manager to correctly distribute their working time, taking into account all the activities in which participation is expected.

In addition, there may be other things that a personal assistant has to do. 

For example:

  • Paying personal bills
  • Ordering office and other goods and services
  • Writing reports
  • Researching media coverage of potential partners
  • Publications about the company’s activities, etc

Also, usually, all visitors wishing to make an appointment with the director pass through the assistant. 

Thus, a professional assistant, on the one hand, must keep abreast of all the affairs of his or her boss, and on the other hand, must always be ready to fulfill his or her various assignments.

Main Skills & Qualities Of A Personal Assistant

The standard requirements for applicants for this position are higher or specialized secondary education, and the ability to use computer office programs. Work experience, knowledge of foreign languages, etc. are also usually welcomed.

Among the personal qualities that should be possessed by an applicant for the position of assistant manager, should be emphasized:

  • Responsibility and diligence
  • Neatness and diligence
  • Industriousness, endurance, diligence
  • Trainability, initiative
  • Communication skills combined with stress resistance
  • Positive attitude to work and communication with others
  • Honesty
  • Diplomacy, the ability to keep confidential information
  • High self-discipline and organization

An assistant must always be available to his or her boss, and sometimes this extends even outside of working hours. Accordingly, an executive assistant needs to be able to use modern gadgets to be able to remotely carry out assignments given to him if necessary.

Knowing What To Delegate to a Personal Assistant

As a supervisor or manager, it’s important to know what tasks you can delegate to a personal assistant. You need to understand what “success” looks like with these tasks and what you’ll be looking for in an assistant’s work. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What tasks would free up my time if I didn’t have to do them?
  • Do I understand what success looks like for each of these tasks?
  • What am I looking for in an assistant’s work?
  • Can I give clear instructions for each task?
  • Do I have the time to supervise the helper’s work?

If you can answer these questions, then you’re ready to start delegating tasks to a personal assistant. Remember, it’s important to give clear instructions and expectations for each task. In addition, you should always be available to answer any questions or give feedback on the job.

Searching For A Personal Assistant For Your Business

Nowadays, applicants are invited with the help of ads on the job exchange, although sometimes such a traditional way is used, as the connection of acquaintances and partners to this process. But the best option is to pay attention to the company HireUA.

On your own, it can take weeks or even months to find and hire the right assistant.

And with HireUA you can not only delegate the search for the right employee to specialists, save your time, but also guaranteed to get the best result.

If several potential employees meet the formal requirements, the final decision will be made by the manager himself, taking into account his impressions from communication.


If you’re a busy executive or manager, you probably need a personal assistant. Personal assistants can help you free up your time so you can focus on more important tasks, as well as provide much– needed support in the office.

A competent specialist with certain knowledge and skills can replace his boss, control or supervise business projects, represent the company or manager at events, as well as independently make decisions in the area of his responsibility.

Are you still looking for a personal assistant? 

Book a call with the HireUA team today and let us help you find a great personal assistant to take your business and life to the next level.

Click here to get started.

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